Monday, 14 June 2010

Pathfinder "inter-blog-web-thingie" - 200 posts in.

100 followers, 200 posts - when did that happen?!?

Good grief, that snuck up on me! Due to insane business (oh and getting married, never a low-key undertaking) in May and June, I've stumbled - blinded and bleeding - across the line of my 200th post!

In just under 2 years, I've lost friends from 40k (My brother ... Devilin) and gained others (Anton and Spence to name a couple ...although they're not actually an item, but you get my meaning...), collaborated with Ron at FromTheWarp and put faces to online names (here's to you Mr. and Mrs. Drax).

My war gaming has gone from a dining table habit to a weekend wonder. I've played in doubles tournaments, APOC games, Battle Missions, Planetstrike, Hordes ... and my enjoyment of war gaming has blossomed ...

I've also come to terms with my 'embaressment' at being apart time uber-geek. Certain wargamers still scare the bejesus out of me ... but wargaming tends to attract the extreme ends of asbergers intended individuals, and that's cool... just don't ask me to hang with you while you're doing your velociraptor impression ... as a bell-curve, these guys (and girls, yes girls ... I know - its truly terrifying) populate a small percentage of the population.

The wargaming fraternity I've met have been welcoming, intelligent, erudite and very very funny... doesn't count for everywhere, but my experience has been overwhelmingly positive.

Finally, and not the least. I'm touched that so many people find pleasure in the innane drivel and detailed batreps I pound out for your entertainment. The combo of 40k, my club and the online environment has been a particularly potent mix. So thanks to all the commenters, visitors and followers who've stuck around with me in the last two years...

Stick around, thing's are getting interesting!

What's next?

Well Chaos Marines are itching for their first coat of paint .. and I have rhino's to buy and build. Malifaux's itching at the edges and there's some final Imperial Guard models to do. My 40k experience is far from over ... but its edging towards the banal ... except "SPEARHEAD"... time to roll out the tanks!

Shout Out to a Buddy - Spense/Spin/The Undercoater...

Just a quick post to 'big-up' my mate Spense ... who has finally succumbed to the tinterweb and started a blog. Alike to Anton (my mad, frenzied painting buddy), Spense is ex-GW staff. Unlike Anton, his nickname is 'the undercoater' because he rarely (if ever) has painted anything, ever.

He does however have a pile of interesting ideas about the wargaming scene ... although he bitches about the loss of 4th edition SOOOO much! Check out Spense's ramblings here:

It's all gone a bit Midkemia?!?