Thursday, 7 May 2009

DOWNLOAD: Commander's Field Handbook - Tau

Second in the Field Commander's Handbook Series: Tau

By Suneokun.

Big thanks out to Ron for some nice artwork of the latest Field Commander's Handbook. Tau is now the second in the set. Ron will be starting work on doing a fine editing job on the Eldar Handbook (just as soon as he's painted the Dark Angels, Rebuilt his house and recovered from the shock of Codex: Imperial Guard!)

Click on the following link to download: Tau v1.0

Needless to say (but I'll say it anyway!), the NEW Imperial Guard Handbook is currently sitting in my to-do list and I'm itching to get it completed ... sorry Ork and Smurf players - but I gotta clarify those commands!

Please follow this link to the FTW Commander's Field Handbook download section: FTW

For those that are new to these Handbooks, they are designed as an accompanying document to the Codex Reference Sheet. These "crib sheets" are being designed with a few people in mind.
  • The new player taking their army out on the town for first time and looking to make sure they don't miss anything.
  • The player looking for a little information on the army setting up across the table from him.
  • The veteran player looking for something to jog his memory and remind him of key points.
I find the best thing to do is print out the GW Tau Codex Reference Sheet: here. Print out the Commander's Field Handbook and them laminate them back-to-back for a easy to use reference guide to the most common rules and stats of the game - should save your codex from being thumbed to death (especially where Sternguard are concerned...)

As before, spot any problems or want to give feedback - please feel free to drop me a message on this post!

I hope you enjoy!