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Photo Bat Rep: Invidious Eldar Insertion

Shadow Raid
by Suneokun



Night lay heavy on the outskirts of the Metark peninsula. A soft wind was moaning across the acid waves as it flew to her position, high on the crystal cliffs and pulled mournfully at the stiff wraithbone inlaid wrap she stood in. WraithSeer Nethar sighed at this magisterial touch. The rouge tinted eyelids dipping sorrowfully over her light blue irises. She had seen a thousand worlds and beyond, remembering back to the glad days before the unmentionable cataclysm. The flow and motion of wraithbone was her art, but to be standing upon the surface of Lengarion again, after so long made her heart sing, in spite of the desperation of their circumstances.

While wraithbone was her duty and her chore, crystal was her joy. Beneath her feet, she could hear it's song and feel its resonance. With little work she could find three score uses for a dozen different crystalline roots, climbers and trees within a moments stroll. Lengarion was a world of wonder, held in awe by the Alaitoc as something even more prescient than a Maiden World. This world was alive.

The Farseer had foreseen the intrusion of the Monkeigh. They're technological limitations would permit only a single classification for the planet - a resource world. And so the stipend in rusted gears of the Monkeigh mechanicus had besmirched this world, and raiders flushed through the crystalline groves searching for valuable gems.

For the Eldar of the Alaitoc, Lengarion was something more. The crystals carefully harvested favoured runeblades and brightlances alike. They helped calibrate fusion guns and even played their part in the lasblasters of the swooping hawks.

All these warlike options and requirements were as nothing to Nethar, she had no desire or contemplation of such devices or their necessity. She did however see the untimely end of these cumbersome Monkeigh as a necessary requirement for the future health and well being of the crystal forests.

And so even I, Nethar of the glass must go to war.

A soft russle of foliage and tinkling of pre-crystal sap forms announced the arrival of the Scorpion Exarch. His unknowable countenance blinkered beneath his segmented helm.

"Boneseer ... it is time. The scouts have isolated the base and report that the Monkeigh are at rest, we must make our attack." The voice sounded hollow, but whether from the incarceration of the mask or the roughened tendencies of this warrior of warriors, she could not tell.

Nethar's sigh echoed the winds rueful tones. "Very well, lead on manhunter."



This is a combination of 5th Edition ruleset with the kill team game from 4th Edition. This is a largely narrative game with the Imperial Guard commander operating forces and playing games master.

Eldar Forces: 6 Striking Scorpions, including an Exarch with chain sabers. 6 pathfinder snipers, infiltrated. One boneseer (warlock model and stats, armed with a singing spear).

Eldar Objective: The Eldar Kill-team is to escort the boneseer to the communication bunker in order for the boneseer to corrupt and destroy the station. The kill-team can then take the optional objective of achieving complete evacuation from the main square.

Eldar additional rules: The sniper team may attempt to kill a grunt squad without raising a klaxon. If the whole grunt squad is killed in one round of shooting, the klaxon is not raised. In addition, the boneseer may use his singing spear to the same effect and in combination with the snipers.

Imperial Forces: Commander Feder armed with powersword and laspistol. Commandants bodyguard, 3 storm troopers armed with hellguns and carapace. 10 x 3 man brute squad comprising basic guard troopers with lasguns.

Imperial Objective: Primary objective is to thwart the kill-team in its attempt to destroy the base. This can be achieved by killing the boneseer (represented in stats and model by a warlock) before she can reach the communication bunker. A secondary objective can be achieved by killing the boneseer.



The Pathfinders were deployed in a building with overview of half the battlefield. The striking scorpions were placed at the base of the building with the boneseer.

Devilin rolled for 5 patrols and placed them at random locations about the board. It was agreed that the remaining 5 patrols and imperial command team would be activated on 5 klaxons.


Eldar turn one: Caught with a brute squad guarding each approach, the scorpions snuck forward trusting to the pathfinders keen aim. Unfortunately the snipers appeared to have adopted some bad habits from their ratling friends and only killed two brutes, forcing the boneseer and scorpion to polish of the rest in a loud and ugly fashion. One move made and one klaxon earned.

Woohahaha ... DIE! Do you think they heard us?

Imperial turn one: Devilin managed to control two brute squads who moved cautiously closer, meanwhile I move 2 squad away!

Eldar turn two: ignoring a uncharacteristically inept start the scorpions plunged into the debris and ruins separating them from their objective. It held two brute squads, but they trusted to their armour and superior stealth skills. Meanwhile the three Guardsmen coming up on the hacked apart bodies of their comrades were suddenly felled in mid gasp - the Pathfinders had found their range. No klaxons this turn.

Imperial turn two: Devilin grasped control of only two squads, and both on the outskirts. These squads charged their maximum movement towards the wooded area - after all something was obviously up. Meanwhile, I, Sunny took charge of the hapless brutes in the wood and walked them within charge range.

Eldar turn three: in a brave move the scorpions massacred the brute squad in the woods while the snipers attempted to silence a supporting group. I was banking on one klaxon this turn, but instead gained two thanks (again) to the inept shooting of the pathfinders.

Imperial turn three: with three klaxon's and a +3 on the command roll. Devilin easily secured control of three outlying units which charged in.

Eldar turn four: throwing caution to the wind the scorpions mounted a wall and massacred a squad of brutes. meanwhile, the pathfinders realised they were out of range of the remaining guard squad and had to content themselves with making pincushions of the single surviving guardsman. Four klaxons.

'I think maybe I'll call for help... yeah, that's best!'
Imperial turn five: The final squad of brute guards with +4 view range see everything, the two massacred squads, the blood, the guts, the ruddy great eldar prancing about. They fire on the Eldar, failing to kill, but they do raise the alarm. Five more squads rush from their base at run rate towards the objective (and away from the snipers), the commandant exits his command bunker.

All that stands between the Boneseer and his objective is three grunts and a wall ... the grunt's died, the wall was too high.

Eldar turn six: With remakable intelligence all the scorpions and the boneseer scarper inside the objective. Let's see them dig me out of here. Pathfinders kill two brutes and make a third run back to his hovel. Klaxon's irrelevant, primary Elder objective achieved - but surrounded.

Imperial and Eldar turns six and seven: The pathfinders managed to kill one more guardsmen and the brutes panic, sending three back to their tents. We agree that this band of misfits can join forces and become a sound brute force (and it proved a great idea). Meanwhile the remaining command squad and 5 brute squads form a shooting line outside the communications bunker and await the arrival of Butch Cassidy and the Sunshine Kid.

'Don't worry boys, we're right behind you!'

Imperial turn eight: Under orders from the commandant, three troopers approach the entry to the comms bunker. Girding his loins, the lead trooper kicked in the door to the bunker, to his immense relief nothing attacked him. Cautiously he motioned his comrades forwards. With a mighty roar the Scorpion Exarch leapt from the darkness, carving his biting blades through thigh and neck. The guards fell back dead as the Striking Scorpions lunged from the communications bunker, the boneseer hot of their trail.

'Ahhh bet ah can shoot him in the butt... watch this...' Pathfinders at work!

Eldar turn nine: Exploiting the momentum of their attack the Scorpion flew into a hail of lasgun fire. A single scorpion fell as the exarch crashed into the command squad followed closely by the rest of the squad. The boneseer thought better of joining in a secured himself behind a handy imperial pillar. WIthout a target in range, the pathfinder pack up their travelling gear and make a hasty run towards the extraction zone.

With hard work and discipline, the brute squads throw themselves on the weapons of the eldar. Allowing the Imperials to strike down three of the offensive Xenos. In return the Exarch and his charges kill every last one of them. The reunited brute squad is backed up mercilessly against the war, giving them one last round of shooting before the Eldar strike.

The Striking Scorpion's score 9.6 for their syncronised slaying.

Imperial turn ten: The final desperate brute squad fire madly with their lasgun and kill both the Exarch and the Scorpion! Suddenly bereft of a target they stand in amazement.

Eldar turn eleven: Just long enough for the pathfinders to take aim. In true half wit fashion they only manage to kill two of the final three brutes. The last brute decides to duck inside the door he's backed against.



A fun game and a simple one. The only thing really in doubt was whether the scorpions could drive off the guardsmen. Both in combat and shooting the brute squads proved devastating when coordinated. Only the persistent attrition of the pathfinders meant that the Scorpions had any chance of survival, or not.

The game was made particularly fun by "regrouping" the routed brute squad (once they made camp). This meant Dev had a second layer backup, which proved the most entertaining. And the final act is yet to complete...



Trooper Darius cursed as he scuttled back from the locked door. His disbelief at seeing those whirling green chitinuous Eldar forms collapse before his patrols lasrifles. Burk had yelped his delight and crashed a surly hand onto Darius's shoulder. Darius had noted Faulk's slow grin and he lifted his lasrifle and kissed the aquila on its side.

Faulk's lips had just touched the rifle when his head jerked and brain matter and blood spewed over Darius. He flinched in return and felt a whipping flight spray past his cheek. Burk was not so lucky, as a huge hole appeared in his chest. Darius tripped backwards, falling against the door, his shoulders itching and bone screaming with the apprehension of the snipers bullet. He irreverently shoved aside the body of his comrade, Burk and scraping fingernails from his flesh - prized the door open.

With the door locked securely behind him, Darius's heavy breathing rasped loud in the empty access hall. The table he lay propped against was laid out with maps and encoders. The hall was draped with honours and the company banner hung from a wall mounting. All appeared well.

Darius knew with absolute certainty that all his company were dead. His ruined uniform, coated in brains and blood, stood out in dark hued contrast to the brisk and cleansed interior. Sore and battered, Darius shrugged himself onto his haunches and using his rifle as a prop, brought himself to his feet.

Staggering slightly he approached a viewing slit cautiously and depressed the view icon. Outside, he saw the cursed Eldar snipers crowding around the ornately lithe form of a priest-like figure. As he stared the cowards started to yip and wave, as if taunting him. With a gasp Darius's view was engulfed with the virulent blue of an Eldar flying tank. Jetbikes and wings warrior swept onto the landing area and the pathfinders set about guide their charge to the tank.

Darius released the view switch and slumped against the wall. Like a mouse, hidden in a wall, he gazed out at the cats and knew fear. He could feel the tension draining out of him with the apprehension. In this dispondent lull, the chatter of static whirred into life.

'Broadsword calling Danny-Boy, Broadsword calling Danny-Boy - come in Danny-Boy.' Darius rushed to the radio comms unit and grabbed the receiver.

'Trooper Darius here sir, the rest are dead sir, Commandants dead too." he stammered.

'Understood Darius. Valkyrie support is inbound, we are approaching your position. Commissar Ulbrecht will want a full report on his arrival. How many hostiles are active?'

Darius' head spun, Ulbrecht. Here. He'd forgotten his own cowardice in the face of fire, not just once but twice had he run. The death of his friends lay heavy on him, Ulbrecht would know it, see it - how else had Darius survived except through his own cowardice. Darius groaned.

'Sorry ... can you repeat that?' Darius depressed the push to talk switch. 'Broadsword, this is Darius. They number maybe a score warriors with transport, tank and jetbike support. They ht our comms station and now some priest or mage is being escorted to the transport.'

'Roger that, Danny-Boy. Can you confirm if that priest is a combatant?'

'Errr ... I don't think Broadsword.'

'Danny-Boy, capture repeat capture the Priest. Use all means necessary, disabled the transport. Help is one minute and closing, we need to capture that priest.' Sweat broke out across Darius' palms. He glanced up and noticed a missile launcher propped against the wall.

'Understood Broadsword. Get here quick, I'm going to light it up!'

Darius takes aim. Unfortunely he only suceeded in killing a single pathfinder.

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