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Quartz Dogs - Kochi Irregulars Battle Report


NB: All readers, please note that this battle was fought in fourth edition and by two people who last played seriously at 2nd edition - so forgive the schoolboy errors. The overall reports well worth a gander....

Welcome to the first of what should hopefully prove a entertaining spate of Battle Reports. These reports are being fought as part of a larger campaign detailing the ongoi
ng resource fight between the Adeptus Mechanicus sponsored Kochi irregular force and the Alaitoc Craftworld.

+++++ DATA UPDATE - Adeptus Mechanicus
level Sigma - resource intel +++++

Kochi is an inhospitable resource world in the Segmentum Tempestus. Discover in 142M39, the planets proximity to a large white dwarf star, called the "Dead Eye" by inhabitants causes large forests made up of high quality quartz and gem deposits. These material are much required in the Imperium for the mass production of laser and power weapons, with the finest sample coveted by the Adeptus Mechanicus for void shield modulation. The planets rotation works in dormant and active cycles.

The active cycle stimulates huge crystal growth, and the white dwarf looms large in the sky. This in turn triggers the violent mass migration of Kochi's indigenous species, such as the crystal backed buffalo (8 metres long, armour plated), the spitting chameoleon dragon and the hookjaw ape. The Active season involves constant defense of the armoured manufactum city community, with continuous security vigils overwatching sapper teams who detonate the crystal boundary.

In the Dormant season, the crystal calcifies and Kochi Veteran Sappers venture out into the crystal forest searching for specialist gem formations. This farming (referred to as crystal trapping) is widespread has has led to a superior mixed force, eagerly exploited by the Administratum in close city fighting.

Strong in fixed point defence, favouring explosive weaponry (autocannons, heavy bolters, mortars and grenade launchers), the Kochi Irregulars come to war, their Veteran Sappers dressed in the skins of chameoleon dragons and using ordinance charges to clear buildings.

+++++ DATA UPDATE END +++++


“Roger that command, understood. Over and out.” dropping all officious pretence, Staff Sergeant Tark sighed and ran his fingers though his greasy and unkempt hair. They’d be on maneuvers for thirty three hours. Running their latest arrivals through deathworld survival, patrol and assault duties.

Their familiarisation programme forced the new recruits into coping in this hostile enviroment under adverse conditions. Conducting defence exercises against two squads of highly skilled Kochi sappers and a group and ratling snipers. Needless to say, the newcomers survival rate on paper had not been high, which each man dying an average of just under three times.The men were tired, exhausted, dejected. And now this new arrival?

Tark felt like all the air was being pulled slowly from his throat and lungs as he glanced around at the other NCO’s clustered around the small clearing. Fighting against a sensation of drowning, he drew cold damp air into his lungs and straightened his shoulders. He fixed his face and turned to face the newly promoted Willets and the Veteran Sergeants.

“Gentlemen, it appears our training mission has been upgraded. Sentinel stalkers have sighted Eldar in the area. It looks like an expeditionary force. We are to fast march to the Rising Sun temple and engage. Early recon reports snipers, battle walkers and possibly even blasted Harlequins. Any questions?”

“Sir, shouldn’t we retreat and wait for heavy weapon support, the platoon’s tired, poorly armed, and....” Willets petered out as he caught Tark's furious look. Tark temper seethed at such a cowardly suggestion.

“Mr. Willets, belay that! You are Kochi, you will march, you will take that damn flashlight and you will fight and if needs be – you will die! Am I understood?” he roared. Command had told him that support was on the way, but he wasn't there to mollycoddle Willetts with good news. Orders were orders.

“Yes Sir!” It was the only answer he could give to a direct order.

“Sergeant, arrange the platoon for the march, and gather those blasted ratlings, we’ll need them!” Tark’s gaze bore into Willets. “And we’ll have no more of your claptrap!”

Willets blanched, saluted and hurried towards the lines. Tark turned to the veteran sergeants, his face grim. “Sergeants. What’s your experience of harlequins….”

Army Lists

Battle: 2000pt escalation, 4x6 foot gamma table, played from 5pm until the wee small hours of the morning.

The Quartz Dogs - Kochi Irregular Force

Introduction: Going up against Eldar with Guard is a daunting task. They may not have quite the armour of toughness of the ubiquitous SMurf army, but Eldar more than compensate with lightning speed, horrifically powerful monstrous creatures and enviable heroes. The hardest thing about choosing an army to face the Eldar is that Eldar can arrive in so many different variants. After careful thought and looking at our preferred battle type - escalation, I decided that if I was Eldar I would want to get as many nasty close combat and fast attack options into the imperial giard deployment zone and then wait for my reinforcements to arrive and be picked off piecemeal. So I decided to change the army in a core way and ensure that when my foe arrives in my deployment zone, I won't be there - I took drop troops.

Doctrines: Ratling Snipers, Camelione, Grenadiers, Veterans, Drop Troops.

HQ Choice

o HQ Command Squad - HSO, 3 vets and a guardsman. Power Sword (1), Plasma Pistol (4), lasgun (1), Carapace Armour (4), Company Standard (1)
o Commissar Godfrey - bolt pistol, power weapon and carapace armour.
o Nork Deddog - Carapace Armour, Ripper Gun, Frag Grenades.

o Fire Support Squad, Heavy Bolter (3)
o Anti Tank Support, Missile Launcher (3)
o Mortar Support Team, Mortars (3)

o Space Marine Elite DeathWatch Killteam, 6 marines, 4 boltguns, 2 Hellfire heavy bolters and a powerfist for the captain.


o Ratling Snipers (8)
o Kochi Veteran Sappers: (house rules - Hardened Veterans with one sapper taking a demolition charge), Grenade Launchers (2), Missile Launcher (1), Satchel Charge (1), Storm Bolter (1), Power Sword (1), Camelione.
o Kochi Veteran Sappers: Grenade Launchers (2), Missile Launcher (1), Satchel Charge (1), Storm Bolter (1), Power Sword (1), Camelione.


Easy Platoon

o Easy Platoon Command Squad: JO (1), Veteran (1), Guardsmen (3). 2 Plasma Guns, Lasgun, Medic(1), Power Weapon (1), bolt pistol (1).
o Easy Alpha: Autocannon (1), Meltagun (1)
o Easy Beta: Autocannon (1), Flamer (1)

Fox Platoon

o Fox Platoon Command Squad: Grenade Launchers (2), Mortar (1), Power Weapon, Bolt Pistol.
o Fox Alpha: Autocannon (1), Meltagun (1)
o Fox Beta: Missile Launcher (1), Meltagun (1)

o Sergeant Garvey's Grenadiers: Flamer (1), Grenade Launcher (1), Hellguns
o Mounted in a Heavy flamer Chimera, with heavy bolter and smoke launchers.

Fast Attack

o Green Squadron - Cadian Pattern Sentinels. Hunter Killer Missile (1) and Smoke Launchers (3)

Eldar Alaitoc Battle Force


o Autarch on Jet Bike withTwin linked Shuriken Catapults, Fusion Gun and Power Glaive.
o Farseer with doom and fortune, witchblade, Spirit Stones, runes of witnessing and shuriken pistol.


o 6 Striking Scorpion including Exarch with Chainsabres, infiltrate and Stalker
o 10 Harlequins including Shadowseer and DeathJester with ShriekerCannon.
o 6 Eldar Pathfinders


o Spirit Seer with conceal and singing spear, accompanying:
o 10 Dire Avengers including Exarch with bladestorm and two Avenger Catapults, in a:
o WaveSerpent with Spirit Stones, vector engines and three Shuriken Cannon.

o 10 Guardians with Eldar missile launcher
o 12 Guardians with Eldar missile launcher

Fast Attack

o 6 Swooping Hawks including Exarch with Sunrifle and Skyleap
o 6 Warp Spiders including Exarch with power blades and twin warpspinners, withdraw

Heavy Support

o 3 Dark Reapers including Exarch with fast shot
o 2 Warwalkers armed with missile launchers and spiritstones
o Wraithlord armed with scatter laser and missile launcher.

Board Setup and Deployment

As previously mentioned, my opponent would most likely make full steam for my end of the board. The Eldar chose the Strategy - blasted Autarchs - and selected cleanse. Fine by me. So I was quite pleased when I won the deployment choice and went for the end with the best long lines of sight (LOS) and some nice bottle necks. As you can see from the plan below:

My plan was simple. To try and encourage as many Eldar in charging one end of the board ... and then drop troops in behind them. It didn't turn out like this... but interesting none the less.

Deployment Plan. We took turns deploying Troops, Scouts and then infiltrators. As I had taken drop troops, my whole army was effectively reserve, but I chose to include two basic squad in the deployment as "bait"...

Unfortunately, my opponent secured the high ground with his Pathfinder snipers. Subsequently, I placed my veterans far forward to inconvenience his subsequent deployment and attract fire. I was forced to place my Ratling snipers in the deployment zone in order to combat infiltrating Striking Scorpions.

Turn One - no reinforcements.

Eldar Turn: The Pathfinder Snipers open up hostilities by killing one guardsman from fox alpha. Taking confidence in their armour, the Striking Scorpion brave the ratlings sniper fire and manage to shoot another guardsman from squad fox alpha. The Guardians advance, one squad approaching into range with its missile launcher and the other moving to flank the vets. The War Walkers let rip with plasma missiles on vets, blowing enormous hols out the the building and cover, however their camelione cloak thwart the advanced tracking devices of the walker targeting computer and not a single sapper falls.

Pathfinder Snipers go to work...

Kochi Irregulars Turn: The ratlings open fire on the advancing Striking Scorpions and take down two stalkers, the guard unit panics as the scorpions approach and all their fire goes wide. Vets#1 manage to stun a walker with their krak missile (but the runestone onboard reduces even this to just a shaken result), otherwise the vets are without a target. Vets#2
shoot up rangers and discover how good their 2+ saves are, killing none.

Turn Two - 4+ reinforcement.

Eldar Reinforcements: Dark Reapers, Swooping Hawks, Harlequins, Dire Avengers in Wave Serpent.

Eldar Turn: With a wild cry, Swooping Hawks and Harlequins race at my right flank. The Striking Scorpions are out of range and can't charge, so they bide their time lurking in some conveniently placed cover and shoot yet another guardsman. Vets#2 and Pathfinders exchange fire to no avail. Through the smoke of battle appear a small group of Dark Reapers, my Vets start sighting down their weapons. Suddenly the air is filled with missiles, fast shot ability allows them to fire 9 times! Missile pummel their battered cover, and as the dust clears all the Kochi sappers in Vets#2 stand back up, they might be Dark Reapers, but they ain't the grim reapers yet! The unstunned War walker fires at vets#1 and kills one. The waveserpent demonstrates it speed as it sweeps around left side approaching the flank of the vets.

Kochi Reinforcements: One Squad of Guards, Missile Launchers, Grenadiers in Chimera, Command Squad, Mortar Platoon HQ Squad, Sentinels, Plasma Platoon HQ Squad.

Kochi Irregulars Turn: A Heavy flamer Chimera churns onto the field and moves up to the sheltering the pathfinders. Three cadian sentinels enter beside them and line up on WaveSerpent. The Missile Team enters just behind Chimera and Sentinels and line up on hapless WaveSerpent. The mortar bearing platton command stays at the back and prepares their mortar. The other platoon command squad heft their plasmaguns and escort my HQ command team to face down the Striking Scorpions and Harlequin/Swooping Hawk threat. My vets stay put to fire on the Warwalkers and wave serpents respectively.

Vets#1 fail to hit war walker. Ratling Snipers fail to kill any Scorpions at all. The plasmagun guardsmen fire, get an overheat (but is saved thanks to my medic) and hits two scorpions, two scorpions die! Team Fox Alpha fire everything including a meltagun and a autocannon at the scorpion and once again demonstrate their requirment to die! The command Squad is out of range.

The Chimera torches the building and kills one Pathfinder, it also kills one Swooping Hawk with the Heavy Bolter. On the left flank my opponent realises his WaveSerpent is backed to the edge of the board, there are 12 Dire Avengers, a Farseer and a warlock inside and this is my last best hope to kill them all in towering flamy death - wooohahaha!

Shockingly, I realise that my anti tank support team with three missile launchers that deployed from reserves this turn are 3" out of range (Arrggghh!). My vets do manage to stun the waveserpent, but the only other guard launcher in range pings off into the night so easy win on the left flank - damn!

Turn Three - 3+ reinforcements

Eldar Reinforcements: WarpSpiders and Wraithlord arrive - but for his Autarch he rolls a two!

Eldar Turn: The Warp Spiders turn on the Super Speed and make 20" down my right flank behind the Harlequins and Swooping Hawks. The Harlequins advance quickly. The Swooping Hawks leap forward and shoot up my plasma crew. Even with a medic, their 16 shots pummels my plasma team.

A Wraithlord strolls on opposite the Chimera full of Grenadiers (gulp!) opens fire and hits only with a crack missile - which fails to penetrate! The waveSerpent gets off the board edge on the left and disgorges a mound of Dire Avengers, a Farseer and a warlock. My vets start to shake. Dark Reapers thin another two vets from squad two and the war walkers kill one in squad one. Dire Avengers let rip at the vets#1 and kill all but two, pruning off my satchel charge model nicely.

The guardians behind them line up their missile launcher and take a pop at the Chimera - missing spectacularly. The pathfinders decide to fire on the hapless guard unit facing down two very angry striking scorpions and kill two, thanks to the Commander and their company standard, they hold it together. Then the two remaining Striking Scorpions hit them and with 9 S4 hits massacre the remaining 5 men, which is great until their realise what's behind them. They consolidate and try to hide behind a dippy in the building.

Kochi Reinforcments: Heavy Bolter Team, Space Marine kill team, Easy beta squad.

Kochi Irregulars Turn: Time to gamble - Heavy Bolter team, DeepStrike! They materialise beautifully in front of war walkers and dark reapers - now or never boys! Vets#1 sculk to the corner of the building to carefully prune the guardian missile launcher that angered our Chimera. They manage this through the application of two frag grenades from their launchers.

Vets#2's sapper asks forgiveness of the Emporer, runs at the waveserpent and throws his satchel charge. It reaches the front of the vehicle. Now if only it will scatter on top of the tank AND those dire avengers - Instead it bounces back half way and explodes blackening the front of the tank - but fails to penetrate! No matter, I line up 5 missile launchers and pound the waveserpent, getting a vehicle destroyed. The autocannons of my Sentinels fire into the guardians as I can't see the dire avengers and kill 4. One look from the farseer keeps them in line.

Que dramatic music ... The Heavy Bolter crew in no mans land have orders to kill the dark reapers, but panic and open with on the war walkers. In a stunning display of firing from their arses they hit only twice from 9 shots. Groaning I roll again and come up double 6, two pentrating hits... Tim gets a hulldown save - which he fails twice. Sweating profusely, I realise I'll need two "destroyed" rolls in one go, I won't get another try. AND I DO IT! Play of the match goes to those brave Heavy bolter crew, who now face certain doom!

In the centre building, the Chimera has driven forward to match the building and deposited its grenadiers out back. The newly arrived squad also march in behind them, and all three squads let rip at the pathfinders in the building. Especially effective were the Chimera heavy flamer and the flamers of the two supporting squads, which quickly proved that pathfinders without a cover save are just guardians in the open. The supporting las fire fails to hit, but the pathfinders are down to just two men. The chimera's heavy bolter lines up a Warp Spider and dusts him.

Meanwhile on the right flank, the SMurfs have marched on behind the command squad to face down Warp Spiders, Harlequins and Swooping Hawks. The Command Squad step forward, pull out 4 plasma pistols and blast the striking scorpions into atoms. The space marines hulk down to their right, covering their backs and put down a Swooping Hawk. Three Ratling Snipers line up on the swooping Hawks, but again fail to hit.

Colonel Stoneback and his command crew dispatch the last of the striking scorpions (just left of frame), before the Swooping Hawks, Harlequins and Warp Spiders hit.

Turn 4 - 2+ reinforcements

Eldar Reinforcements: Eldar Autarch on jetbike.

Eldar turn: On the left flank, the huge cluster of dire avengers charge my hapless vets and get stuck in, they manage to spear the two poor grenade launcher vets and consolidate into vets#2. The guardian squad in the Eldar deployment zone charge into combat with the Heavy Weapon team, firing their shuriken catapults they kill four and subsequently almost don't reach the final crew. They enter combat with only two men. They kill a guardsman, but he returns the favour and batters his attacker dead with the heavy bolter ammo box. The dark reapers open fire on a half hidden sentinel, but only manage to dent their own pride in a strikingly poor show of rolls.

In the centre, the wraithlord takes a roll to establish if he was suffering from wraithsight AND FAILS, so he shuts down for this turn! The pathfinders decide they don't like flamers and run to the other side of the building.

On the right flank the harlequins were now dangerously close with the warp spiders in support. The leader of the Eldar battleforce arrives on the field and triggering his turboboost shot 30" down the entire right flank, swinging behind a building! The remaining 4 swooping hawks leap into combat with my command squad blasting with their lasblasters and sunrifle. Shocked they realised this command squad are armoured with carapace. They strike first but only manage one wound (which the colonel takes), in return 18 hits (including 7 power weapon hits) showed how rubbish swooping hawks are in close combat. The command squad and SMurfs have a clean run at the Harlequins!

Kochi Reinforcements: Mortar Support Team.

Kochi Irregulars: This was a turn for reconfiguration, and I realised quickly that I had the wrong weapons in the wrong place. With the waveserpent gone. The wraithlord was my primary target and subsequently I decided to risk it and move the missile launchers team into drawing a bead on that bastard.

On the left flank, the farseer and warlock kill all but the sergeant of vets#2. However he grins wickedly as he draws his powersword (I know, but at 5pts you just gotta have them) and lops off the heads of two dire avengers. He wasn't going down without a fight. Behind them I moved up two squads of guard to act as "bulk up" with the sentinels for the inevitable close combat - If I could sink enough models, maybe I could keep him occupied. The guardians dispatch the final heavy bolter gunner and consolidated into the open ground.

In the centre my Chimera decides to act as bait and turns left by the building, approaching and opening fire on the guardians in the open - two die. The storm troopers move forward to try and get in range of the harlequins, but fail. The centremost guard squad open fire on the last two pathfinders, torching their hideout with lethal promethium fire and frying them alive. The mortars opened fire on the harlequins (we just assumed 2D6 deviation) and managed to hit one, but no kill.

The command squad and SMurfs split up, with the command squad charging the Harlequins and the SMurfs going after the Autarch. The SMurfs just make it and despite the Autarchs best efforts, the SMurf toughness proved too much for his 6 power weapon attacks and he only kills one. The Autarch smiles grimly beneath the swinging bolters and kicks of the Marines, only to feel the crackling grip on a powerfist around his neck, the SMurf Captain snapped his neck like a twig. Scratch one super leader!

The Command Squad manage to kill three Harlequins on the charge. But one plasma pistol vents badly and a veteran trooper dies. The Harlequins score 4 hits on the first turn, reducing the squad to Nork (minus a wound), the Commissar and the Colonel (already down a wound). They fight back and kill another two Harlequins, but have to take a leadership test. The Colonel panicks and fails, much to the Harlequins glee and they are about to be overwhelmed when the commissar shoots the colonel and takes command of Nork Deddog.

The Autarch appeared and dissapeared so quickly he completely missed his photo opportunity.

Turn Five and conclusion:

Eldar Turn: The farseer and warlock finish off the Veteran Sergeant and consolidate towards my lines. The Guardians in the centre spectacularly fail to hit the Chimera (and the Dark Reapers realise their missiles are useless against armour). The Wraithlord wakes up and charges the chimera firing his weapons but failing again to penetrate this hearty beast. He then strides up and plunged his giant fist though the side of the vehicle - making goo of the innards - oh well. He consolidates within two inches of my Grenadiers.

My command squad takling Harlequins weathered a final wound (cheers Nork) and then laid a smackdown on the Harlequins, killing two more and forcing a leadership roll. They fail and run 8 inches towards the board edge. The Warp Spiders kill another space marine on the charge, and then find out why the SMurf Captain was hard as he kills all four of the jumpy buggers.

Kochi Irregulars Turn: The Sentinels and Guard on the right flank open fire on the Dire Avengers, killing a poor few - oh well close combat then. The Ratlings, meltaguns, autocannons and missile launchers take aim (11 in total) and only the meltagun score a single wound (the meltagun) on the Wraithlord. The Grenadiers pull out krak grenades from their belts, and despite 8 hits, none get the six needed to dent the bastard. The commissar and Nork craftily escorted the Harlequins off the board.

Turn Five (incomplete): The Warlock and Farseer engaged on the left flank, killing all but one sentinel. The two imperial guard squads countercharge, killing three dire avengers. At this point it was 12.30am and we both agreed to call it a day ... or night!

Final scores:

Territory claimed: although the Eldar had sole claim to their starting territory this is non scoring for them so final score was determined solely on victory points.

Eldar Losses: Autarch, Pathfinders, Harlequins, Striking Scorpions, Warp Spiders, Swooping Hawks, War Walker Squadron, Wave Serpent. 50% of Guardian Squad. Total: 1242 pts

Kochi Losses: Guardsmen squad, Platoon Command with Plasma Guns, Comand Squad (50%), Chimera, Sentinel Squadron, Heavy Bolter Team. Total: 849 pts.

Victory for the Guard!


Three days later and I'm still smiling about this victory.


AddictiveWoz was totally right to point out that the heavy bolter blitz on the warwalkers and the couple of heavy bolter shots from the Chimera shouldn't have happened (and subsequently one more swooping hawk and one more warp spider should have made close combat ... however these discrepancies are very small and were unlikely to tip the battle in the Eldars favour.

Dropping in on Friends ...

I feel that the drop troops doctrine was the right choice as while only used once it allowed me to hold back some of my troop units which would have otherwise been exposed. It's most useful aspect was that in having the drop troop option, my opponent expected troops to drop in behind him all the time. This was almost as effective as actually dropping massed troops in...

Plasma pistols vindicated.

I was really impressed with my command squad and their performance. They finished off the much battered but still too armoured Striking Scorpions (including the exarch), weathered a host of fire and massacred the swooping hawks and then chased the Harlequins off the board. It was nice to get the opportunity to bottleneck so same assault troops and meet them head on. While it was touch and go for a round, they were remarkably good in close combat.

SMurf allies...

6 basic space marines with 2 assault capable heavy bolters and a captain with a powerfist gave me a great multirole unit that brought the pain. Effectively they gave me an Orgryn-esque unit with power armour and and powerfist ... always worth considering for a single HQ slot.

How do you get to be a veteran in my army..?

Looking back, I think I could have used my veterans better. By taking light infantry instead of droptroop I could have dominated the board and taken his reserves apart. The veterans were remarkably resiliant, but I can't help thinking that normal guard with camelione, an autocannon and a meltagun would be just as tempting a target. The veterans fulfilled their objective of slowing down the enemy - but did little damage to the enemy (two vehicle stuns results and a eldar heavy weapon team) and spent the majority of the battle just not dying. I think they are too valuable to be a meat shield. With ight infantry I could have flooded the bottom left quadrant with troops and focused the vets within my own quarter...

...ahhh the beauty of hindsight.

Critique of the Opposition ...

Eldar ain't SMurfs - their toughness is their biggest weakness, and while the saving throws kept going my opponents way, when my fire power hit in numbers it usually stuck. This was really highlighted by the combat between the SMurfs and the Autarch/WarpSpiders - they just couldn't cope.

Getting distracted - two squad of veterans tied up nearly all the heavy weapons options for four turns. Eventually, he had to massacre them in close combat and march to the destination ... by fixating on these "irritating" units, he allowed my amassed guard to bed in and hold the centre ground. He left his snipers stranded, his guardians on a long walk to nowhere and his elite aspect warriors on a reckless charge into the heat of the enemy guns. Which leads me to...

Assaulting piecemeal - I still don't know why he didn't assault in numbers. He could have attacked with the swooping hawks, harlequins, striking scorpions and warp spiders in turn 4. Instead he offered each squad in turn, to be picked off. I think my opponents thoughts were that his aspect warriors were the meat shield to ensure his Harlequins got into combat, but he would have been better trusted to the warseer fog ability and mustering his troops behind the building on the far right. He could have hit everything I had on mass and wrapped up the whole right flank ... even piecemeal I barely hung on.

As Napoleon said
"Never interupt an enemy when he is making a mistake."

Please let me know if you've enjoyed this battle, it'll encourage me to write up more in future.

+++++ Eldar communique intercepted DECODING ... +++++

Conclusions from the other side:
Hmmm.... What a mess!

A) Do not charge smurfs with non smurf killing specialists

B) Attack together - do not depend on Fleet of Foot.

C) Never leave the Autarch exposed.

D) Screw the Chimera, kill the squads with the Wraithlord, walking at the chimera is enough.

E) Use fleet of foot more to isolate parts of his army.

F) Use weapons on troops they need to hit! Striking Scorpians with normal troops. Dark Reapers on Smurfs. Warp spiders and Swooping Hawks on Harressment. Wraithlord on shortest distances. Don't place pathfinders in the the enemy deployment zone.

Finally the "impotent" guard did well - better than expected. Suneokun's deployment of some troops was excellent but he did put the majority of his heavy weapons with nothing to shoot at miles behind buildings. They moved 18 inches over 5 turns, so at least a third of his troops were rendered useless.

When my Harlequins failed to hit due to their poor fleet of foot I'd already engaged my Swooping Hawks with my swooping hawks. Big mistake! My Autarch moved too close to the SMurfs and got clobbered and I threw in my Warp Spiders at them in revenge which was stupid. Never seek revenge

The Gimps did
cheat (or make mistakes due to Mon-keigh logic) [ED: Oi, we both looked for the rules ... grrrr] with his drop troop heavy bolters and alternate firing heavy bolters on the Chimera. I was down two very expensive mini models and two warwalkers - 163 pts - but I doubt it would have made much difference as I was charging in all my troops in waves.

My Wave Serpent was excellent, swallowing up many shots and aiding my rubbish deployment - he also delivered my Dire Avengers who chewed up the right flank. Witchblades kick butt, I had to roll a 2+ to penetrate or 1 to glance.

Although I held my deployment zone I almost took the bottom right zone which would have drawn the game - 4 gimps contested it!

But anyway I handed the victory over by not sticking to my plan. When we meet next time I will do so.


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