Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Army Showcase: Tyranid Splinter Orobus


Hive Splinter Orobus first entered the Kochi sector 83 years before, while tendrils were repulsed, a select number of Ore refinery asteroids were decimated during this preliminary stage. While the quashing of this infestation was a priority, it was nearly an impossible task. The splinter is believed to have launched multiple spore clusters, nestled within asteroid and hulks throughout the intercine warzone.

As has previously been noted, the machinations of a subset of the Alpha Legion, believed to be the Swords of Alpharius, have only recently been discovered. Their nestine actions may explain the fighting on all sides, from Tau Cadre J'Etsu and rumours of an Ork Hulk entering the region ... nothing bodes well. Now the Swords of Alpharius have converted Kochi Vrai to their cause... and the corruption sets in. Beset between the Tau and the traitors is a hard place.

Even with the might of the Kochi VIII at his command, overall commander Munk struggled to bring his forces to bear and large number of genestealers and other bioforms nested throughout Kochi and the surrounding sectors. With a warzone to move within and such disruption to exploit, refugees pour from sector to sector and stealer cults thrive.

Such is the aspect of Splinter Orobus. The worm of the underworld.


Termagaunts are plentiful (30) in hive fleet Orobus ... I've always preferred the vanilla kind as the Fleshborer (although nerfed under the new rules) has a particularly nasty bite.

24 Hormagaunts bring me cheap and fast close combat options. Against marines, those attacks can really mount up ... I've seen 12 Hormagaunts slaughter 5 terminators. With the upgrades, they become seriously tasty.

I love stealers. The GW model, complete with fluff, is just so much more nefarious than their inspiration - Ridley Scotts Alien. The Broodlord rarely gets to come as he's more baggage than benefit - and I miss his inhuman strength.

The Tyranid Warriors ... 4 with Deathspitters and rending, and 5 with Devourers, lash whips and boneswords. Three cheers for the turkey heads...

The Rippers... and spore mines? I've produced 15 ripper bases purely for the pleasure of growing my own army ... go parasite!


OOP, but close to our hearts - its a Zoat! I generally play him as a proxied HiveGuard in friendlies. The Hiveguards a lovely model - but bloody heavy! The Zoanthropes are far too top heavy and the lictor?? Generally stays at home, unless I feel like proxying the Deathleaper.

Fast Attack

I love Gargoyles. Tactically and strategically they are great value ... but they are a pain to cart about and constantly breaking! Between the Gargoyles and the Hormagaunts I'm fully stocked for 'pointyness' and am NOT interested in Dark Eldar!


The two conversions above are for the Prime and the Parasite. The Parasite is too much fun (especially against Eldar, Tau and Guard) where spawning Rippers is the goal. The Prime's lost a lot of his lustre since the FAQ banned him from a warrior spore. He could roll with the Hiveguard but it seems a little pointless.

This magnetised Carnifex has been playing Tervigon so long I've slotted him into the HQ section. Who wouldn't want a T6 6W troop choice?

Heavy Support

A Trygon and a Trygon Prime. I'm not a fan of the Mawloc - great model, but the lack of attacks and rerolls make him a bit hit and miss. I'd rather be, well, eating stuff!

And finally the Mycetic Spores. I have a leftover (homeless) Tyranid Warrior, who is going to be subsumed into another Spore. I prefer the larger bases as I think this looks the best.


Challenge Suneokun is completed ... with over 2500pts of Tyranids based, painted and built in one month. The defiler is standing by ... and my thoughts on that to follow!
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