Wednesday, 24 June 2009

DOWNLOAD: Commander's Field Handbook - Imperial Guard

At last ... The Guard Handbook

By Suneokun.

After a long wait, the moment is here ... the Imperial Guard Commander's Handbook is arrived. Hopefully this will prove an invaluable aide-memoir, both for players coming to grips with the Imperial Guards new features and rules and those forces or xenos and dissension looking to crack the hammer of the Emperor.

Unlike the previous Guides, it was impossible to fit the sheer variety of the new Imperial Guard codex onto a single sheet. Therefore, we've had to spread the load across 2 A4 pages. I'd suggest printing them out and them laminating them together back-to-back.

Download: The Commander's Field Handbook: Imperial Guard

A huge thanks go out to Ron at From the Warp for what turned into a huge repagination and artwork ask, he still managed to squeeze my pet project in between running FtW and all those lovely commissioned paintjobs he's up to - and then apologise publicly for running a little tardy - no worries fella.

Also a big thanks out to Admiral Drax for a excellent audit of the new rules and my typo's (which were all on purpose honest), a highly gratifying and humbling experience...

Anyhow enough of the Oscar speech - download and enjoy! Any problems spotted please let me know, your feedback is very valued.

The Guard take the fight to the xenos Tau.