Saturday, 18 April 2009

DOWNLOAD Tyranids Handbook Updated

Sorry only teasing - it's currently under review!

By Suneokun.

Further to the excellent suggestions on the blog, a new version of the Handbook for Tyranids has been edited.

Download the PDF from here: The Commander's Field Handbook - Tyranids


Keep your eyes peeled for the next installments now completed in draft:
  • The Commander's Field Handbook - Tau
  • The Commander's Field Handbook - Eldar
Ron and I are discussing sharing the proof reading out (he's outrageously busy and I can't proof read my own stuff) so give us a shout if you're interested. Prior rules pedantry will score high if you do want into the process (I'm thinking of you Eriochrome!)...

Any proof readers will of course get kudos on the blog and the help would be much appreciated.

Let me know.