Monday, 11 February 2013

Pershing Tactics II - Agressive tactics and an awesome dogfight with an E75 (Supertiger)

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 My second Pershing posting.  When you aren't spotting and sniping, mediums like the pershing have an even more important role - exploitation!  The ability to rush a side of the board and get the drop on a weakened flank is important.

In WoT you are not playing against an all knowing general or computer, but against a disparate group of Europeans spread across 20 odd countries and age ranges.  As such, ability, coordination, tactical awareness and stupidity will vary hugely.

The medium, although vulnerable, is perfectly place to exploit these gaps with it better speed it can make the breakthrough required.

It doesn't always work though, but a tier 7 tiger and a tier 8 medium have to work VERY hard to beat a tier 9 E-75 prototype next gen German post war tank.

VERY HARD!  Enjoy!

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

World of Tanks Tactica

Just a short World of Tanks Tactica on playing the Pershing.  This tank is very much an experienced players tank, tactical awareness, reactions and planning are key.  It's a great tank for exploiting opportunities, but requires careful play style.

Hope you enjoy!