Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Ok kid, you're all clear, now lets blow this thing and go home!

Warggghh ... Dakka dakka dakka!

I picked up a good proportion of the titanic order today, with my better half's blessing I popped up to GiftforGeeks and got my sticky hands on the following:
  • 6 Ogre Bull (soon to be greenstuffed to Orgrynish proportions).
  • A Cadian Battle Force (another 20 cadians, 6 Heavy weapon teams and a Leman Russ for the gristle!)
  • My second Chimera (such a pretty tank!)
  • Codex: Orks (this one thrown in for Devilin's entertainment)
I have to say the Ork codex is an absolute joy to read, finally the zany wackiness of Orks is revealed in all its glory - and it's mighty appealing. Casting a more laboured Guard eye and with a look at the Eldar weaknesses - the Orks are going to raise some serious challenges, not least because they seem to have powerweapons crawling out of everywhere.

From Burners, to Nobs, to Deffkoptas to Mek's - there's a mountain of weapons heading your way. Personally I can't wait to get my Guard to grip with these interlopers, they may be as cheap and plentiful as Guardsmen and come in limitless fearless packs - but a missile launcher, mortar, battlecannon and heavy bolter force should even things up - after all, they don't even wear flak jackets - silly things...

Can't help thinking fighting the Orks and playing them is going to be awfully dramatic...


PS: With an eye to the foreclosed poll, After the Orks and Blood Angels are complete. I'm delighted that my number one choice for our next army won out, Necron's are cute, but I want some real Bugs to get stuck in to, great modeling and fabulous modification potential - I can't wait!
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