Friday, 30 July 2010

Sons of Alpharius Painting Progress

Huron leads the chosen into combat...

After a month of little to no action, due to the pesky thing called life ... I managed to set aside a little time to complete the Chaos Dreadnought and Chosen unit of Sons of Alpharius renegades.

First thing to note is that these boys are not particularly 'chaosy'. While some spiky bits remain, I want to keep the whole force ambivalent between codex and chaos. This is both so that I can entertain both codici, but more importantly for fluff reasons, the Alpha Legion and the subsequent Sons of Alpharius were never the 'Eye of Terror' types. As such, all the pointy bits seem a little out of place.

Enough with the chatter... on with the photo. My 5MP camera finally succumbed to Spanish sand death on the honeymoon, so this is taken with a backup 3.2MP camera phone - my new HCT Wildfire is an awesome phone, but has a despondently poor camera ... its all about the software and lens and both are SHITE.

Anyhow ... off to John Lewis to get a new pair of spanking cameras at the weekend... nice!

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Oh look ... an interlude!


The Spearhead batrep is delayed due to the photo's being on my old PC ... damn you windows (well I'm blaming them!) ... as soon as I can gather the courage, I'll hike up my long boots, straighten my scabbard and carry a torch into the cave of Windows Vista to retrieve them.

In the meantime I've been prepping my brain for a 'special game' tonight with Anton. While trawling the web, I thought I'd search for some 'scribd' (or likewise) ruleset as my is pretty well worn (paper covered rulebook + 20 years, it's doing well...)

What I wasn't expecting was the steller work of Headless Hollow! Check out this stellar list of astounding quickguides and play aids, with a plethora of games from the 'cardboard' heyday of 40k.

The ASC quickguide is accurate and beautifully produced. Nice one.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Back in the game ... one month on.

Thanks to all the loyal viewers who've glanced sadly across at their blogroll as the might that was pathfinder has drifted further and further down your blogrolls.

Service is now resumed. Blog is restored. Disqus is mortally wounded and reset. Life is coming back to the old limbs.

A Honeymoon and technical catastrophe ... (damn you blogger... shakes fist dramatically) has led to the complete loss of ALL historical comments. Which er ... sucks.

Still, the blog still lives and the important thing is that Pathfinder and Suneokun are back in the game. I was heartened to see the number of poll entries in my absense. Clearly you all have a strong idea that my tactics rule ... yeah right.

Anyhow, Batrep is going into production tomorrow. All the photo's are prepped and ready. Also, I've got planned a VERY VERY SPECIAL battle report... something very nostalgic and wonderful.

There's a subtle hint ... somewhere on this posting???