Monday, 27 October 2008

Catachan Examples and WIP Orgryns update

Suneokun here! (Good grief, I'm turning into Fritz...!)

Haven't posted for a while as have been busy with work and other considerations... This is just a quick update on the Orgyrn models and some thoughts on the modelling of Catachans.

First Up - Catachans.

Just a quick note, the quality of painting here ain't great as they boys are only painted to battlefield standard, but I'm all about the conversions anyway!

As I've mentioned before, I'm a big fan of the catachan model. What it lacks in refined modelling, it more than makes up for in the variety and conversion potential. Here are some simple examples:

The objective with this 'demolition man' sapper unit was to get the feel for his suicidal charge with a 6" range piece of ordinance. The demolition pack is made out of an autocannon ammo pack with multiple grenades strapped to it! It's just leaving the specialists fingers as he slings the heavy object at the enemy. His other arm is struck out for balance as he sprints across the difficult terrain and you can see the demolition charge trigger device (from a sentinel model) on his right hand.

The next model demostrates how every model in the army can be individual. I wanted to give this veteran the sense of 'I just heard something!' and the combination of the standard 'strap arm' lasgun with the catachan combat knife does the trick nicely!

For the next model I wanted something completely frantic! My inspiration was taken straight out of the catachan textbook called 'Predator'. In this case I wanted the missile team loader to be doing his nuts and firing off his lasgun and his missileman's at the same time... in a deparate act to keep the enemy at bay so that the missile launcher can reload - shortly before getting minced!

Orgyrns WIP

Now I've finished the last of the elites (Storm troopers and Catachan Veterans), I'm free to start on the Ogyrns. I bought these Ogre Kingdom models about 2 months ago, along with a pack of greenstuff. It's my first attempt at the green, so subconsciously I've been putting off this work while completing all the other jobs. My first attempt last night was started at 11.15pm - bad mistake! The results are included below. The inspiration for this bunch of deliquents is that they are actually Adeptus Mechanicus Ogyrns employed as miners (good eh?) and that they come out fighting when needed! As mentioned before, they look more fearsome than they are, with the majority of the unit weilding enormous weapons as well as storm bolter mounted spikey fists! However their stats will be purely RAW (Rules as written), the exception will be my specialist Ogyrn Bonehead, who I intend to make into a rudimentary mining monster...!

First up, the Grunts...

Model #1: Ammoman

This fella, nicknamed 'ammoman' has the standard armament of the stormbolter, but I wanted to make him look extra awesome by linking it up with an enormous ammo crate on his back. You'll notice also that I've 'updated his giant sword with embossed aquila's from the vehicle sprue.

Work left: Boots and Belly!

Model #2&3: Thruug and Muug "The Jones Twins"

These two were part of the original creative process. I envisoned my Orgyrns charging the enemy and whacking the heathens with whatever comes to hand! In this case Thrug is abusing an bent up Autocannon while his brother has ripped a brightlance off a passing warwalker (or wraithlord ... he's REALLY brave!) and is swinging it about. The matching backpacks and weaponry is meant to give them a simatry ... but these are the least developed of the six.
Work left: boots, belly and something else...?

Model #4: Aquilaman!

Ever since I built they Ogryns I couldn't wait to add just one more option. I wanted a really big standard for the models to carry, preferably one with a huge 'hitty-thing' (technical term) on the end. I love the way this model hits a good balance between the warhammer heraldry but with a bloody big steel aquila, to bash you with!

Work left:
I want to keep this model quite clean, boots and belly it is!

Model #5: Radioman

This model was inspired by Devilin and is really there for the comedy value as Orgyrns can't have radio operators and wouldn't be able to operate one anyway. Doesn't stop them wantin' one though does it? In this case the 'radio' is a hodgepodge of a vehicle radio antenna, the original cadian radio, a lascannon powerpack and part of a lascannon too! It might work ... honest? Well the operator doesn't hold that much confidence in it and it operating the old fashioned way - bellowing! The stormbolter/sword was Ulysses 2010 inspired and I'm not that keen on!

Model #6: Ogyrn Bonehead Special Character: Sergeant 'Snapper' Slabcheek.

Prior to the invasion of Armageddon, Gef Slabcheek's career was a particularly uninspiring one. As an 'average' Ogryn close combat specialist, his administratum records denote his 'movement' from battlezone to battlezone. Like most Ogyrns, his faith in the Emperor and his agressive nature combined into a reliable warrior. Unlike most Ogyrns, Slabcheek seemed to survive.

It was during the battle of Armageddon that Slabcheek changed. Following orders, an Orgyrn Auxillia was sent into Ork held battlelines. The Ogyrn Auxillia was believed by commanders to be the best chance of breaking through. In this particular case however, the Ogyrns were met by a combined charge of a Nob's Squad and a gang of Burnboyz. The Chimera assault craft were ripped open and the Nobs and Burna's torched and hacked at the valiant abhumans.

When Slabcheek and his unit emerged from their unit they met the carnage head on. They plowed into the Ork Burna's, slaughtering them before they could bring their weapons to bare. They they grappled mightly with the impressive Nobz, trading blows like puglists! Only the arrival of the Ork Warboss tipped the balance. The giant Ork crashed into the maelstrom, stirking Gef with a glancing blow that sent his staggering away half stunned.

Moment later, when the Ogyrn regained his senses his entire unit lay dead, crushed with the titanic grip of the warboss. The warboss and the straggling Nobz were cheering and hooting, smashing their weapons into the remains of his comrades.

Something feral clicked within Gef Slabcheeks pysche. A rage and a racing intelligence surged through his body. Glancing down at his smashed and broken ripper gun he cast it away and took up the cumbersome weight of an Ork burna.

When the reinforcement arrived all they found was a bruised and battered Gef Slabcheek sitting on top of the Warbosses toasted carcase, a mad and diquietingly intelligent gleam in his eye.

Gef 'Snapper' Slabcheek

Points WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
45 4 3 5 4 3 3 3 9 4+

Any Ogyrn unit may take Gef 'Snapper' Slabcheek as an upgrade to an Orgyrn model. He must be given exactly the equipment as detailed below, and may not be given any additional equipment. Gef is an Orgyrn bonehead and subequently replaces that unit.

Wargear: Heavy Flamer, Rat Snapper, Carapace Armour, frag grenades.

Smart: Slabcheek is smarter than your average bear, he can therefore operate the Heavy Flamer.

Hatread: Slabcheek hates Orks, as such he gains the 'preferred enemy' skill when fighting orks.

Rat Snapper: The rat snapper has been developed by an Adeptus Mechanicus tech to best complement the fighting style of Slabcheek. The Rat Snapper is a power weapon which grasps onto its victim, causing further damage. This is represented by the snapper being a master crafted power weapon.

Explosive Personality: Slabcheek doesn't believe in doing anything by half. He carries a huge barrel of promethium on his back. When Slabcheek is killed roll a D6. On the roll of 1-4 remove Slabcheek normally. On the roll of 5 or 6, Slabcheeks either triggers his fuel (or a stray shot does), place an ordinance template with the centre over slabcheek. Any model under that template is hit once by a heavy flamer (s5, AP4).