Wednesday, 3 September 2008

WIP Orgyrns

These ogres are really shaping up nicely - I really like the ogre models, they've got great character and the detail is superb... I think these models are a lot more fun than the lead Orgyrns... Anyhow, I've been busy adapting and adopting these ogres into the army. I'll be molding out some of the rougher 'warhammer' edges (pointy shoes for one!) with greenstuff and of course filling in their bellies.

However, here's the roll of honour:

Sergeant with mangrabber and heavy flamer, Orgyrn with Autocannon Cudgel and StormFist, Orgyrn with Aquila Axe and StormFist

CommsOrg with StormSword (TBC), Ammo man with giant sword (with Aquila attached) and StormFist, Orgryn weilding BrightLance club and Sergeant.

Cross shot showing Aquila detail and heavy flamer details.
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