Sunday, 3 January 2010

Surprise Christmas Presents...

Hope you all had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all! This one's been a weird one for me... the 40k Crimbo's have always been a little fortutous...
  • Christmas 2007 - I buy my brother 40k 4th Edition and get us both back into 40k.
  • Christmas 2008 - I discover a pile of Tau at the local '2nd hand specialist' and land £125 of Tau for £25.
  • Christmas 2009 - My parents are looking to sell up and dig out the original set of lead miniatures I'd been missing since 1992 (I know this as it's written on the bases).

Objects of interest recovered from the detritus of 1992, 2nd Edition madness:

  • 1992 Commissar Yarrick (interesting ... in a very weird way)
  • 1992 Valhallan Squad with flamer and Mortar
  • 1992 5 off Rough Riders (YEAH I KNEW I HAD SOME!)
  • Old School Chaos Dreadnought (It's SOOO cute)
  • A Zoat (yeah, a ZOAT!)
  • 5 Squats ... including an Exoarmour Squat!
Photo's to follow!