Monday, 4 January 2010

Commander's Field Handbook: Calling all stations...

Do you ever feel like your command was just slipping away from you?
Faced Tyranids recently? Or Orks? Or Guardsmen?
Struggled to keep up with the ridiculous number of rules, special characters and unique individuals spawning everyday?

You do?

Well you need is

The Imperial Guard 5th Edition Handbook


This is a concept developed in conjunction with Ron over at From the Warp. The idea is simple, a one to two page crib sheet to give you the lowdown on the strengths and weaknesses of every army on the battlefield.

Are you new to 40k - this'll mean you're never caught 'surprised' again. Played many games, but struggle to remember to place those markerlights or issue commands - this sheet is designed for you!

Codex: Tau Empire Cribsheet

Story so far ...

After a lot of hard work, the crib sheets for Tyranids, Guards, Tau and Eldar were completed... the publishing process took the longest - with Ron's hectic schedule playing havok with delivery.

As the year turned, I received an email from Ron ... he wished to hang up his 'Field Book' boots. FromTheWarp would continue to support and host the links to the fieldbooks, but Ron could no longer prioritise the production in his (Frankly fairly scary) schedule.

So Welcome to the new home of the Field Commander's Handbook.

Please find below a link to the FTW page ... and feel free to download the documents below:

+ Tyranids v3.0
+ Tau v1.0
+ Imperial Guard v2.0
+ Imperial Guard Orders Sheet v1.0
+ Eldar (coming soon)

Eldar Handbook - Created, but in need of an editor...


The furture of the Handbook is squarely with you - oh learned reader... have a scan of the above. The Eldar handbook is mostly complete and available on request (via email) for you to look at... after which the world is your mollusc...

The Tyranid Handbook: Soon to need a major overhaul

The Tyranids will need updating, and Space MArines are gagging for a copy ... as for Chaos Marines, Orks, Space Wolves or Deamons - I'm keen to see who'd like to step up to the plate.

So give it some thought and contact me... and see your name in lights on some seriously useful documentation...

NB: It's first come, first served for the Handbook, so whoever produces documentation in powerpoint/word for editing will get top billing... let me know if you're looking at a particular army and I'll put that one aside - but the challenge is out there.