Thursday, 3 June 2010

Nothing to post in two weeks?

I found this excellent strip online and
reference ... but it's not what you expect!

No, dearly beloved reader and true believer ... I have not wandered from the holy path.

(but I did squeeze in my stag do and a huge wedding in the past fortnight!)

That's right, Suneokun is now a married man!

No more skulking in the shadows, living in sin (alright, that bits quite fun!) and avoiding the vicar at tea for me*.

I'm a fully paid up member of the 'ticked all the boxes' group (although they were ticked in the 'engaged-mortgage-kid1-kid2-f*ck it (no ... did that) lets get married' kinda way).

Huge party in a Marquee in a field and muchas alcohol, band, inflatables etc and all my friends (some of them even know where I live!).

A top bank holiday weekend!


*I still instantly combust on Holy ground though ... something about my atheism!