Thursday, 24 June 2010

Competition: Who will win?!?

Long time, no post ... ahhhh bugger it - got some good stuff in the pipeline!

Spearhead 'spearheaded'

Had a cracking game against Mark on the spearhead front on Tuesday. 2000pts, no quarter given, maximum carnage. Now I'm off on honeymoon for a week, so my question is this... which one wins??? Suneokun's Evil tactics OR Mark's shiney new toys?

The lists are as follows:

Suneokun's Kochi 'Surprise' guardsmen
  • Straken and command squad with Astropath, 2 bodyguards, a medic, 2 flamers and a melta!
  • Primaris psyker
  • Penal Legion #1 (Psychopaths)
  • Penal Legion #2 (Psychopaths)
  • 3 Chimeras with the Mechanised Assault Spearhead!
  • 3 Sentinels with Lascannons and Tank Hunters
  • Stormssword with dual lascannons, twin-linked heavy bolters and dual heavy bolters.
  • 6 Roughriders, sergeant with melta.
  • 2 Hellhounds with multimelta, smoke and the 'Ambush' formation (effectively infiltrate and stealth).

Mark's new toys
  • Primaris Psyker
  • 2 Vets Squads with melta, powerfist and lascannon.
  • Leman Russ Annihilator with twin multimelta, lascannon in Squadron
  • Leman Russ Demolisher with twin heavy bolter and lascannon in Squadron
  • Vendetta
  • 3 Lascannon Sentinels with Tank Hunters
  • 3 Autocannon Sentinels
  • 2 Manticores with Ambush?
  • Deathstrike Missile of DOOOOM!
So place you bets, and post your predictions in here ... the game is the long board, triangle deployment with 3 objectives (and the superheavy becoming one!)

I'll be back on the w/c 5th to set things right and give you a full batrep~!