Friday, 24 September 2010

Painting Update: Marines and Deamons

Out of Production, Small and perfectly formed ... he's almost a mini-monstrous creature and can quite simply hide behind a landraider!

Just a quick update ... the jury's still out (well at least for me) on the ideal shininess of models... but that aside, I've been taking some steps in painting. Currently the Chaos Marines stands as follows:

Huron leads the first two terminators
  • Huron - complete
  • Chaos Sorceror Conversion - converted, unpainted
  • Terminators - 2/5 painted
  • Chosen - complete
  • Chaosmarines #1 - 7/9 painted
  • Chaosmarines #2 - 60% painted
  • Plague Marines - 1/7 painted
  • Raptors - complete
  • Dreadnought - complete
  • Obilterators - complete
  • Greater Deamon - completed
  • Rhino #1 - to be built
  • Rhino #2 - to be built
  • Rhino #3 - to be built
Some basing required...

So there's a fair amount of work yet to complete ... next up are the troops ... Plague Marines and Chaos Marines look fantastic in their blue and green... much satisfaction.

But I'm lacking long ranged punch and a big 'boomer', the Vindicator, Land Raider and Defiler all bring different sort of long range punch ... but Obliterators give you the most variety and flexibility ... but deploying 6 Oblits is pretty dull... so what would you recommend?
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