Tuesday, 27 October 2009

RumourSpam: Codex Tyranids Statlist

It's a Tyranid Statlist Rumour ... but in an easy to read format. Full of harmful additives, but soooo tasty!

I've been doing some digging about the rumour spam on Codex: Tyranids ... there's some interesting titbits out there and a lot of downright lies and fabrications... My own personal port of call is always the BoLs blog and discussion thread as they'll only confirm what's actually been confirmed... the qualified rumours are as follows:

General Infomation

To be released January 2010. Written by Robbin Cruddance (Author of Codex:Imperial Guard) and is already completed.

  • 4 whole new races never before seen, one of them larger than the carnifex and also a plastic Trygon. More coming in second wave according to rumors.
  • Special characters, such as Old One Eye and possibly the Red Terror, will return. These will be survivors of wars and also have been mutated, instead of individuals .
  • Many people are saying they will be a plastic Hive Tyrant kit (with wings).
  • Malanthrope may be a new HQ choice.
  • A new broodlord was spotted at Games-Workshop design studio open day. (Any pictures will be appreciated).
  • Genestealers are going to be elite unless you take a Broodlord.
"We want a new codex!" said three generations of genestealer

  • Hormagaunts to be seperated from other gaunts as a box set.
  • Hormagaunts will be 6 points and normal Gaunts 3 points including Without Number (WON). This is without ANY other weapons, only with WON. Hormagaunts will be able to buy WON for 3 points.
  • Plastic kits are not been re-done
  • More anti-tank weaponary.
  • Warriors to be improved. They will be avilable in every slot. Wings will them Fast Attack, a Tyrant as a HQ makes them troops, heavy support have +1t, +1sv and each can take a "heavy" weapon.
  • Possible new Biovore.
  • Possible new more powerful psyker.
"Even though we don't really deserve it!" said Magneto the Carnifex

Go to: BoLS Lounge for the latest info.

DISCLAIMER: I include the following information not becuase I think its any less or more valid (in fact I think half of its probably made up...) but I personally hate reading text'd stats as they never line up and do my head in.

As such, I've zapped this through excel to give you a more easy to read format. The stats list is extraordinary, and just like with the Guard codex, a lot of Tyranid players are extrapolating stats with current buffs to assume enormous bonuses ... so don't believe the hype.

The BoLS info above should remain the guiding light, but the below is delicious food for thought, and now in an easy to read/printable format.