Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Poll - Shelf to table ratio.

Is it a shelf or is it a table ... nice work John Green - I'm confused!?!

It's a little bit funny ... this feeling inside...

Ah ... dash and bother, I might get very excited about Infinity - it is a very exciting game, but there's gotta be something said for leafing through a 40k Codex and considering the options. I'm a very lucky man. If we take stock of the last 3 years, I've amassed a metric tonne of plastic men for my own amusement.

The funny thing is that while Infinity hasn't made me ebay all my 40k, it has taken me away long enough to realise the attraction and distraction that being steeped in the 40k Universe is.

It's really very very clever.

Anyhoo ... I've painted up 40 models for infinity, which I got at half price and they are gorgeous. So ...win! To put that in context, I did a quick jot up on the Infinity army builder and it amassed over a 1000pts of minis.

Since your average game is 300pts - that's brutal, and got me thinking. How many times the average list strength is a healthy 'variety' in 40k.

For myself I run the following (assuming 1500pts as my 'average' game size):

3 x Haqqislam (Infinity)
4 x Imperial Guard
2 x Tau
2 x Tyranids
1.5 x Chaos Space Marines

Some players like a 'complete' set, one of everything in the codex (although that can be a pricey combination these days), others like to buy ONE army list and then learn that inside out. My growing army is a mixture of model craving and wanting to 'discover' new tactics for myself.

So where do you sit, put your opinions to posterity on the poll next door... What's your shelf to table ratio?
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