Wednesday, 10 August 2011

WIP Banner and who let the twats out?

Hi'yall, English dude here! In line with my cunning objectives, I've started on a new banner. It's more work in progress than finished articles... so let me know what you think. Any suggestions?

Furthermore, many of you may be aware that I'm English. You know, that 51st State where everyone very polite and nice and...


What the feck just happened to my country? We've got a race-war going on without a race, mass looting, shooting, knifing and other such madness. It's spamming like crazy through the youth in all the major cities like some viral sport gone mad... using Blackberries (and their secure networks) to circumvent the Police ... IT is mad as the UK is generally a fairly laid back and tolerant place.


There's a strong "We brought it on ourselves!" in the media, but there's a growing brooding mood of "these are spoilt little shites and need packing off to a real war zone ASAP!" ...

Leaping to safety...

Teenagers are generally a bit crap when it comes to judgements. Medically, a young persons body will 'reward' risky behaviour. That's why they need boundaries, so its the parents problem - right?

One of many mornings after

Or is it TV, or more importantly Computer Games. Now I'm not saying that Dune2 or SystemShock2 or Mario was the slippery slope. But loafers with nothing to do can quite happily hone their skills (and kills) in Call of Duty Modern Warfare all day. Working tactics, assimilating options and building 'skills'. The most important one being the WoW or GTA, "fuck you I'm breaking, burning and stealing everything in sight."

ChaCHing ... 300pts!

Large boot on head required now.

Teenagers have always been little shits, that's why they need stamping on. Repeatedly. In a like for like copycat fashion.


But when privileged children in 'hardship' are making the local gypsy kids look like paragons and the only 'families' earning respect and chasing off the looters in London are the Muslims and the Sikhs... something is really really weird.

It's weird here ... how are you?

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