Friday, 21 October 2011

Thoughts on (the speculated) new Tau codex

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This is the first bit of news to get me excited about 40k in ages.  The second is that my much loved Chaos Marines will also get a new codex has me quite cheerful about 40k in 2012.

I'm not alone in being disenfranchised from 40k.  Infinity has stolen my heart from a tabletop POV, while World of Tanks has stolen my time away from modelling.  Despite having some beautiful 40k (Abbaddon Finecast and Forgeworld Blackheart) to paint and some exquisite Infinity models ... I haven't picked up a paintbrush or played a game since BLOGWARS I (30th May 2011).

I've just lost heart with 40k and can't find anyone to play Infinity with.  All in all, less than satisfactory.

The models are all packed up and safe (despite the insurgencies of my 2 year old boy - resulting in some 'reorganised' Leman Russes) and I'm waiting for the 'frisson' to happen again.  It'll come - no worries.

The first spark came with rumours of the new Tau codex maybe bumping up in Q1 2012   The 40k codici have been a bit hit and miss lately (generally HIT for the Imperium - Guards, Smurfs, Wolves, Angels, Grey Knights and MISS for the others (Orks and Nids).  The Dark Eldar was the fly in the ointment, offering functional but fluffy units which could challenge the might of the STC Marines...

Realisation may have struck after the Nids codex release that getting it wrong could really really cost.  Maybe they went the other way - but that'll sell a lot of Tau!  Check out the model leaks for Necron and there's some real badass looking monkeys in there (with swords and shields) ... looks like Necrons are getting hardcore.  Which is good ... because Spezz Merins have been dominating 40k too long.

The only Imperial army I run is guard, and even then I run a fairly fluffy build using stuff other people wouldn't.  The introduction of a Tau army with real firepower would be a wonderful thing, the top five wish list though?  Hmm lets see:
  1. Close Combat punch: What HAVE those water caste been doing with their time?  Where's the close combat monsters ... even Dawn of War made hounds double hard, Krootox well a bit pointless and had the the T-Rex as backup.  Where are the close combat holding unit.  Plus I want a bonus for being a fecking carnivore, where's my legendary speed and feel no pain bonus eh?
  2. Anti-Terminator:  The plethora of Terminator wings must be making the Dark Angels feel old hat now.  Fighting 2+, 5++ (or even 3++) is boring unless you have the right tools for the job.  Outside of Tau, only the Guard could field that kind of firepower (oh and other Termie armies of course, hence DraigoWing becoming the tournament Gorgonzola of choice.  Like the Earth caste wouldn't mass produce Plasma Rifles like candy?!?
  3. Ordinance:  It's not pretty, but it is effective.  Earth Caste Siege Mortar, Kroot Catapult - I don't care.  Tau are all about direct fire, but with the cover rules as they are Ordinance rules (either fix 40k cover rules, or the other).
  4. Fix the SkyRay, make it cooler.
  5. Oh, and don't try to fix markerlights - just make the weapons that hang off them more varied and interesting.  For example - markerlight guided missile ordinance weaponry - now that's what I'm talking about.  Oh and pathfinders are either overpriced, or need Infiltrate.  One or the other.

Any thoughts?
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