Tuesday, 13 December 2011

A Rush to Flames of War?!?

Farmpunk unwraps his Flames of War Starter Set - Open Fire!

Ok, so I'm talking about it, but there seems to be a real smoulder about Flames of War on the 40k blogs I requent.  Games Workshop should pay serious attention to this.
  1. Unlike Hordes & Warmachine (Hormachine lol), Malifaux, Infinity or Cutlass! Flames of war isn't a skirmish game (like Necromunda or Advanced Space Crusade).  It's entirely within that medium to large scale battle that GW have placed 40k. 
  2. WW2 is just as cool as space monsters from mars, and is actually more appealing to the older player.  Post 30's, Space Marines are a bit childish and the appeal of guardsmen, humans in an inhuman war (or Tau, the 'most' Startrekian race) appeals more.  Plus, something about getting older and having kids makes WW2 and the sacrifice for their childrens, children more meaningful.  Something about growing up methinks...
  3. The models are as attractive and beguiling as 40k models.  In fact they are more so as they are smaller, you can actually focus more effort on every vehicle and unit.
  4. The game scales really well.  500 point battles are very quick, but just as urgent as 1500pt engagements.  I'm also told it scales exceptionally well to larger points brackets.  This means a player can get engaged from the start, without accumulating a huge cost.
  5. The models are cheaper, a FoW 1500pt army may cost £172 (last army list, Wayland Games prices), an equivilent 1500pt 40k army with will be significantly more.  My Blogwars list of Guardsmen would cost £250+ (discounted prices at Gifts for Geeks, excluding the custom made rough riders).
  6. There's competition in the 15mm field, keeping prices low.  The same sort of 'healthy competition' doesn't exist (ok, maybe marginally) in 40k - so GW price hikes are habitual, based upon shareholder feedback.  To put this into context, the same army list above would cost just £81.75 in Plastic Soldier Company and Zvezda models (Gifts for Geeks Prices).  £80 for a brand new 1500pt army, I'm getting all nostalgic for the early days of 40k, 30 orks a box man @ £12 each!
  7. Finally, the game system actually works.  It has the pace and zing of 40k, combined with the tactical acumen and strategy (thanks to a lack of stupid dice rolls) of EPIC.  Yes, I said EPIC.
So Games Workshop should look out.  Flames of War is a well built, well thought through and much more competitive environment than the flabby old 40k.  It's also a well networked sales stream, as available online and every Hobbycraft store.

And once you start to play (and the entry level game is £20), you'll realise that 40k's rules are about as flabby as 40k's prices.

Grown up gamers, revolt against the prices. (You weren't really buying 40k anyway) and get into something awesome - Flames of War.
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