Monday, 20 August 2012

Loving 6th Edition ... but there's something I don't get?

What does 40k mean now to nids?

Hey guys, Sunny's back and intrigued by 6th Edition.  I like a lot of what I reading ... but I have some early questions!

Allies ...Why can't Tyranids work with anyone?   In second edition you had genestealer cults etc, Its all over the fluff.  Genestealers are known to have infested Orks before, and I'm pretty sure they have a pop at Tau, Guard, Eldar, DEldar and most of the others, given a chance.  The fluff's pretty easy to iron out, afterall, genestealers are the magnet to the hivemind.  So bringing together the uprising with the invasion seems straightforward.

It's not like the Tyranid Army is so biblically overpowered that it cannot afford to get some allies?  This seems pretty odd, well very odd actually... and seems to have put the kaibosh on any Nid player worth his salt as you can't just 'pick-up' a Artillery batalion.

Allies will seriously twist the meta of the game in new and challenging ways and being excluded from this option puts an already 'back-foot' codex out of the game.

Anyone got any light at the end of my Nid tunnel of death?

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