Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Selling Up and Moving on?

Dear Readers,

There's a moment when you can't help but feel that there is a slow and inexorable decline in your gaming desire.  I think I'm (sadly) there with 40k.  For me, it's codex creep that's finally put the nail in the coffin.  I've stuck it out as codex after codex is released.  I've stuck out the poor codeci and seen the rebirth of the Guard, Tyranid and the CSM codex - but really, nothing has changed.

I've a 'flavour of the month' army, oh great, how long will that last.

I'm not dropping it completely, but I have the desire to 'thin out' my enormous amount of models to a more manageable amount.  I have 4 pretty huge armies in 40k and right now I'd quite like to ease up space for showcasing my Flames of War units and getting back into painting.

I stopped painting a while back as my eyesight had degraded and I hadn't realised.  Glasses are in now, painting is back in - but no room.

So what do I do?  Do I store up the models I have for the 10 years ahead when my boys and girl might be interested?  Do I sell a selection, or a couple of armies?  How do you go about selling armies on ebay, by unit, altogether?  Do I sell them now (the Tyranids are ready), or do I wait until Nids are worth having again?  Will the units even be relevant in 10 years time?

Life is moving on, and as a father of three with a business to run - thinning down on plastic tanks would ease space, clear the decks and also stop the bunch of stupid plastic models in the corner giving me a guilt trip about not playing with my toys (believe me, I have REAL things to feel guilty about without 40k plastic-crack wading in!)...

Advice please,

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