Thursday, 13 June 2013

Thoughts on a Tau list

Commanders and Crisis Suits are the start and end of the Tau list.  With the nerf to Broadsides, now only toting S8 weaponry, there's some real question marks over their 'requirement' for an army list.  This, combined with the general meta moving away from tanks and I'm seeing the dominance of crisis suits coming through.

Here's my first thoughts on a Crisis Suit strong list:

1503 list
  • Commander, 2 x Missile Pod, Drone Controller,Advanced Targetting System, 2 Missile Drones - 156
  • Commander 2 x Plasma Rifles, Drone Controller, Advanced Targeting System, 2 Marker Drones - 156
  • XV8 x 3, 2 x Missile Pod, Flamers and 2 x Missile Drones each - 243
  • XV8 x 3, 2 x Plasma Rifles, Flamers and 2 x Marker Drones each - 243
  • Fire Warriors [9] x 4, with Shas'Ui and Bonding Knives - 400
  • 2 x Devilfish, sensor spines - 170
  • Hammerhead, submunitions, Smart Missile System and Sensor Spines - 135

The tactics are quite straightforward.  The 2 firewarrior groups form a gun line in supportive proximity.  One group of Crisis Suits light up units with markerlights for the fire warriors and hammerheads to pummel.  The other crisis suit unit pounds targets with missiles.

The Missile Team throws out 12 missiles at BS3 and 12 missiles at BS5
The Marker/Plasma team throw out 8 markerlights at BS5 plus 12 Plasma shots at BS3/5 at things that get too close.  The Commanders both precision shot on a 5 or 6.  Allowing you to pick off plasma/missile launchers and the like.

The plasma rifles are there just in case anything gets too close.

Assuming 2 markerlight hits on a longfang unit, they would be saving against 17 (rounded up) wounds with hopefully no target to return fire on.
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