Monday, 8 September 2008

Scenery and IG Tanks

Further to Dev's previous posting, I was surprised by the 'odd' photographs.  I had seen some of the models already and knew them to be better.

Last night I saw them in the flesh and they are astounding!  The detail and layering that Dev's gone to on these scenery pieces and tanks is brilliant.  To top it all off, he tells me the chimera took only 90 minutes... Grrrr!

Anyhow, enough of my blather - here's some shots.  They were taken at night, so please excuse the strip lighting, but I think they do the quality painting on the scenery justice, Enjoy:

The model's under flash - note the odd colour distortions.

With a decent (and cheaper) camera and more subtle lighting (although not natural lighting), the exploded Workshop starts to demonstrate the subtlety of it's paint job.

Shot of the workshop interior, note the twisted girders, buckled plasteel wall and adeptus annotations.

One of our many homemade barricades, based on fine balsa.  This one sports a crushed Salamander under polypropylene concrete lumps, plus wire fences strung across balsa posts.

90 minutes later, this immaculate Chimera boasts a host of details...