Monday, 16 November 2009

Devlan Mud: Reality in the Small Pot

Call me a oldie-woldie-biblically-backward painter, but I was particularly suspicious of the new 'washes' when they came out. While I am a big supporter of the 'foundation' paints (at least in red and yellow - those colours never covered...), washes struck me a a bit of a waste of money.

One of my Early Leman Russ battle tanks - now 'dirtied' and well used!

After all, I'd been watering down my paints for years and using that to give quick washes. Then, like Mael trapped on a stormwracked hold, I was barraged by a deluge of posts (seemingly unconnected) and like a man who's just bought a new car - I start seeing 'Devlan Mud' everywhere.

The same treatment for a 'pre-retirement' Chimera transport - the 'ageing' effects took about 15 minutes.

The post the clinched it for me was a fellow painter where he effectively painted his whole model as gaudily as possible and then applied a 'reality coat' of Devlan Mud that tied all these disparate colours together, toned them down and melded an 'odious' paintjob into a spectacular one.

No part of this Zoanthrope escaped un-Devlan'd

Now maybe I'm brushing over the tougher details ... but does anyone else feel like washes are well, a bit like cheating? My personal feeling is that a chimp with a 10" brush could get some great effects by splatting the mini-world with a wash.

But Devlan Mud's great isn't it? I've already used it on two 'over bright' tanks and melded them down to the agreed paint scheme. Despite its 'mud' title, the wash compliments greys, blues and even added some lovely details to the purple Zoanthrope I finished. The wash also finishes off skin tones of elf flesh nicely with a gaunt but detailed layer.

I'm finding my Soul in an abhorrent struggle ... I hate the 'idea' of washes, but I love Devlan Mud... what to do, what to do?

How do you feel about washes, are they effectively undermining painting so couldn't you give a stuff because it's all about the finish? Are washes what mini-painting is all about?

Let me know.

Three Catachan Snipers, another attempt in vain to delay the completion of the Kochi Army.

On another note (C flat), the Guard are now finished. I have polished off the 4 servitors AND the three sniper vets I bought the week before last. All that's left is to finish off a Chimera (now built) ... and that's it.

The Servitors are complete and the most useless unit is now deployable...