Sunday, 21 December 2008

Antique Tyranids and my new paint scheme

By Suneokun

I have been enjoying the recycling and reuse of my favourite old Advanced Space Crusaders, the right honourable Tyranid warriors. My objective is to create three armies out of two, allowing me to develop both two seperate forces and also exploit a series of models that I first purchased 'back in the day'! Luckily I have held onto a genestealer magus and a series of ten metal and plastic genestealer hybrids - which is very exciting!

Below I include a selection of my newly painted models, including a selection of some classic models. However, there has been a strange and unnerving occurance, which I shall share with you, one that has left me shaken...

My current army of the Kochi VI light infantry's paint scheme was actually chosen by my better half. She chose a colour scheme of Shadow Grey and Codex Grey which has proven very effective. While the majority of the troops have sufficed well on this scheme, the Colonel and his command squad required a more regal purple tone to lift their colouring.

So when I started on my Tyranids, I wanted to take inspiration from the Kochi VI and be able to field an army of combined forces that look as 'integrated' as the individual armies. As such I combined the blue-grey of the shadow grey with a purple mix that really brought the models up nicely and gave them an 'alien-esque' finish. The first model to complete was a Gaunt - a paint trial to test the scheme

I really like the way the model sits together ... but unbeknownst to me, a disturbing path had been set.
Genestealer Magus (I also have two genestealer familiars!)

Above is a converted Tyrnaid Warrior, utilising a couple of Gaunt extended carapaces and a gaunt devourer. A mighty Broodlord, followed by the joker in the pack ...
Anyone else sensing a sensation of deja-vu, I was already halfway through painting this model when the entire weight of the 25 year about face impacted on me, I've seen this model before... here