Monday, 23 February 2009

Future Tactica - Ogyrns

By Suneokun.

Let's face it, the guard have some fantastic point sink units ... I should know, I spend a significant time converting them. Between the underarmoured, overpriced and inaccurate Sentinel scout walker to the overpriced instantkill magnet that are Ogyrns - the guard are peppered with good intention - hopelessly drawn up.

Reading through the new Guard codex datasheet that's been doing the rounds, something important jumps out! Ogyrns have been buffed, a lot. Rumour has it that Ogyrns may be Feel No Pain, or have carapace - all I can go on is the Codex listing, and that's enough to make the eyes water....

Put simply the Orgyrns have a statline to make a Terminator blush, and if rumours are true - at 25pts each, they will be a new 'Must-have' for the Guard player. Only one specification has changed - they are now Toughness 5!

This doesn't seem such a big deal, but when combined with the new vehicle charts and greater 'indestructability' of APC's in general - it gives a significant boost. While out on the field, a group of Oggers will be peppered with heavy bolter, plasma and scatter laser fire, but that counts for any close combat options. Where the Ogyrns really excel in in the thick of it.

Ogyrns are awesome against terminators with powerfists (as they hit first with lots of strength) and can grind up large hordes of orks (17+) on the counter charge. Only a Ork Warboss offers up an instantkill option on Ogyrns. On the stats, Ogyrns sink both Terminators, Orks and would even give the Ork Horde a run for its money...

To top it all off the Ogger has receivd an additional bonus. The Ripper Gun has been upgraded to a Assault 3 S5 weapon! This means that Orgyrns can comfortablely take on the ork brood, and with the potential of 15 S5 shots plus 18 S6 attacks on the charge - other armies should watch out.

I'm looking forward to taking them with a Commissar Yarrick Upgrade for a well led squad. This would overcome the Ogyrn's single weakness - it's leadership has been reduced to a poor 6 - matching the Ratling. This means that Ogyrns would really suffer when losing a combat round.

Hopefully these new rules will be an essential for my £3 Ogyrns.