Tuesday, 12 May 2009

BATREP: Apocalypse Coming your way!

Baneblades lead the charge of Imperial Armour!

By Suneokun.

I'm in the process of writing up a titanic Apocalyse battle report that went down this weekend. A total of seven players fielded both sides across two enormous battlefields (interlinked by a bridge!) ... The Forces of the Imperium Fielded Ultramarines (Commander in Chief), Imperial Guard (Yours truly) and a mixture of Deamon Hunters, Grey Knights and Assault Orientated Heavy Space Marines totalling 11,200 points. The Evil evil evil governors forces and allies included two spectacularly painted Chaos forces, a band of heinous 'Pirates' (using the old IG codex) and an enormous force of 'new' Guard, including many tanks totalling 10,100 points - which were given their paces over four turns ... Bastions, bulwarks, flanking and Baneblades - all good stuff really...

The front line of the evil governor defence... prepare for the Blitzkrieg!

I'm still awaiting a series of photographs and army lists from the other players and as soon as I have these, I'll be posting like crazy!

For the sake of my sanity - I'm going to play this out across multiple posts. See the photographs above for a taster.

Plus: On another note, I completed my Harker, Sly Marbo and Al'reheim conversions for this battle and they were indispensible. I've got to finish off the paintjobs (I ran out of time and they're mostly half painted for the battle) - so watch this space.

In addition, the conversion work of the first (all Tyranid battleforce) FlyWar (Flying Tyranid Warrior) is complete. I'll finish off his paint job too and give a full 'how to' guide.