Wednesday, 6 May 2009

CONVERT - New Imperial Models

By Suneokun.

Exciting news on the Handbook side, Ron's just polishing off the Tau version.

Conversion Corner's got a new money saving scheme today, and that's in converting character models from the New Imperial Guard Codex. After all, there's nothing that extraordinary about most of the New guard Characters.
  • 'Iron Hand' Straken: Looking on the GW website, the Straken model looks really naff - hardly appropriate... but why not build a 'cadian' style Straken? You have a plasma pistol, bionic arm on the cadian command sprue, and building a shotgun ain't too hard ...
  • Sly Marbo: my version consists of a Catachan machine gunner, crouching with his (autocannon ammo pack plus grenades) demolition pack and readying his enormous (Ogre Kingdom) knife ... photo's to follow!
  • Alraheim: Anyone else got a plasma pistol and power sword armed officer to hand? In fact the standard commander works perfectly well.
  • Lukas Bastonne: I've modified a warhammer pistolliers (left over from the rough riders conversion) leaders cape with cadian armour and legs and a catachan models head (shaved) to produce a credibly 'posh' sergeant... photo's to follow...
  • Gunner Harker: 1 Catachan bloke plus one Chaos Heavy Bolter (it's only got skulls on it anyhow!) = one Harker... photo to follow.
  • Nork Deddog: Perhaps this is the one time is actually worth buying a Bone'Ed as Nork is a fearsome component to your command squad.
  • Pask - well we've all got him already!
So have some fun ... remember that the 'ethnicity' of the model is purely cosmetic - I'm a big fan of Iron Hand - but would prefer a kitted out psycho cadian to the online version...

Have fun!