Friday, 23 October 2009

Can I proudly present ... Anton

Pot Bellied Deathguard - Yeah!

Just a quick post to big up a new member of the blogosphere who's come on board recently. I've played against Anton a couple of times in 40k and he's subsequently given me a crash course in Hordes...

The Downside of being a Chaotic Princeps - an absorbing workplace!

One thing to say is that Anton is a very gifted painter. His mini's reek style and are consistently some of the 'best dressed' at GiftsforGeeks. Oh, and he's just finished painting up a chaos warhound ... which looks amazing I think you'll agree.

The Chaos Warhound ... Sans Grieves.

He's a 'multi-army' kind of guy, with a horde of chaos marines (all factions, but especially deathguard), Nids, Saim Hann and Guard. And a Warhound ... did I mention that already?

Anton's been speed painting some blood claws again ... speed painting (ED: Grrrrr...)

So go over and have a peek at 'The Anarchy of Anton!' for some premium enjoyment, add him to your blogroll for some serious amusement. Oh and as for the painting/sneezing thing...

Part of Anton's 'bodyguard' for Typhus ... I've faced them, they not nice.

... Just look at his Deathguard - it explains a lot!