Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Just a quickie: Rough Riders in Action!

In last nights tournament game, I opted for 55pts of roughriders. The Roughrider managed to catch a deepstriking 4 crisis suits (including a commander) and 1 shield drone which must have topped over 350pts. The Rough Riders caught and suceeded in scoring a total of 6 wounds, 2 of which were saved from shield drones and commander's shield. Two crisis suits died. The returning attacks failed miserably, with no wounds.

Even Ld9 struggles with a -4 on the test, the group failed and the RoughRiders I5 caught and slaughtered them.

55pts beats 330pts ... glad I took them.

The Tau had killed over 9 spacemarines (including 6 termies) by this point ... but the moral victory for counter attack still stands!

The 12 mortars were absolutely devastating, wiping out kroot and firewarriors across the board. By the end of turn 5 we had over 6 troops units in the 2 objective buildings or within 3". Sadly we failed miserably to kill any tanks all game (ruddy disruption pods!) and the Tau managed to 'contest' with their tanks.

Lysander managed a spectacular miss with all his 5 attacks in a hammerhead in close combat on a 4+. Better off with Rough Riders...

Out of 5 firewarrior squads, a kroot horde, a piranha, devilfish, pathfinders, 2 hammerheads, 2 shas'Els and one monat (singular unit) and one three man team - only the 2 hammerheads, the devilfish and one shas'el survived.

Moral victory to the guard/smurfs - but a draw to the Tau.

The Primaris Psyker gained Fearless to his FNP - great?!? And one of the chimeras was upgraded to a 'ignores shaken' results - which was apt as it was shaken 3 turns out of 5! Paul rolled and got FNP for his 10 man assault squad ... urk! They'll be handy next game.

Next up we're defending against Adam's nasty Ork horde - crikey!