Monday, 12 April 2010

End of an Era ... and the beginning of something new.

We're reaching the end of an era ... crunch time. Like a reader coming to the end of a particularly good book, or a painter putting the finishing tweaks on a masterpiece, I'm finding myself manufacturing excuses not the finish.

I have three superbly base-coated painted Tau vehicles (my last three), that I'm umming over the paint-job on. My last few guardsmen (maybe 12 in total) have been sitting in the 'to-do' box permanently. I have been distracting myself with necessary purchases (Piranha ... so needed) and unneccessary purchases (Doomhammer) ... and now all is plain and clear.

I'm trying NOT to finish.

However, while my conscious mind have been fiddling around with the last few bits... my subconscious mind has been blistering a trail towards the next project.

YES ... Malifaux is still out there ... stratching at the corners of my mind ... and FireStorm Armada wants a bite too - but I've suddenly gone from 'just a few left' to 'where do I start' in one glorious weekend.


Back in the date (1991-1994), my brother and I ran a lot of our armies out of the Warhammer 40k 'Compilation' book. This was a loose pulling together of articles which detailed the Terminator and GreyKnight variants in part and the complete Eldar and Genestealer Cult Army.

(NB: When I say 'loosely' I mean the binding. This book was almost designed to disintegrate and appeared to have been published by a monkey with a glue-gun ... the only reason our compilation is still complete is thanks to a detailed ring-binder job I did in 1993!)

As such, my twin ran Eldar (and subsequently has about 4000pts of the buggers) and I picked up my Genestealers and Hybrids from Advanced Space Crusade and started painting guardsmen, beastmen and converting mutants ... yum!

The old Genestealer Cult was a wonderful mish-mash of Genestealers, Hybrids, Patriarchs, Greater Deamons, Cultists, Brood brothers and Beastmen. One of my particular favourites was the 'possessed genestealer patriarch' ... pure dirt gameplay wise and a tough one for the Canonites to fight their way out of!

As such I have suddenly found I can field the following:
  • 7 Deathguard Marines (bought purely for the models)
  • 10 Chaosmarines (a gift last birthday)
  • 1 OldSchool Plasma and Crabclaw Dreadnought
  • 1 BloodThirster
  • 8 Beastmen
  • 8 'Deathwatch' Killteam Space Marines (including a Librarian Model)
As such I can play around with the existing weaponry a fair bit and field the following:
  • A Chaos Lord with Deamon Weapon
  • A Chaos Sorceror
  • Chaos Dreadnought
  • Chaos Marine Squad (5)
  • Plague Marines (6)
  • Havocs (5)
  • Havocs (7)
  • 8 Lesser Deamons
  • A Bloodthirster
Totalling up about 1027 points.


My other subconscious trick must have been to 'telepathically' let my twin brother know about my plight... this weekend, Devilin was having a clearout and dropped off a box full of Orks. Now, orks are good for a laugh AND I now have 114 models to paint.

Including over 30 Rogue Trader 'short' orks, Metal Gretchin and Orks from RT era too, 16 2nd Edition Orks and over 30 Gretchin. Plus the 20 Boys, 5 Nobs, Warboss and 3 Deffkoptas from the Black Reach Set!

It's quite a haul and allows me to start building an army of Ork based around a 1215 pt starting block.


So where to start? Apart from having the painting quota filled for the immediate 18 months... what should I consider to make these hordes of mini's more competitive. This is new territory for me, the Orks sort of reflect my Tyranid army ... but I'm stepping into the T4 3+ territory of marines now.

Are there any quick fixes or good first buys that you can recommend for these lists. Obviously I can 'fill in' with Chimeras and Leman Russ in either army ... but what do these armies need?


Devilin also dropped off the Deamonhunters list ... this allows me to run a Inquisitor Lord plus Calidus Upgrade to Guard army I run ... models I already have. Tasty!