Friday, 9 April 2010

Painting Update: April 2010

Tau: So the target was to complete the Tau before the Nid Codex arrives (failed). This means I have the following completed (now):
  • 5 Crisis Suits deconstructed, magnetised and repainted
  • 36 Firewarriors
  • 25 Kroot, 12 Kroot Hounds and a Shaper (NEW)
  • 6 XV25 and 3 XV15 Stealthsuits
  • Ethereal
  • 3 Broadsides (NEW)
  • 16 Gundrones
  • 2 Shield Drones
  • 1 Marker Drone
  • 2 Devilfish
The below models need completion:
  • 2 Hammerhead/Skyrays are basecoated, now 'umming' over final paintjob
  • 1 Piranha, 1/2 basecoated
  • 1 Markerdrone needs building and painting (forgot about him)
Tyranids: With the Tyranids there is still so much to do. The new codex has opened up tonnes of options and given me a real drive... however I'm a bit bored of painting chitin, so have switched back to completing the Tau.

Completed so far:
  • 4 Warriors, Rending Claws and Deathspitters (painted)
  • Tyranid Prime, converted and painted
  • Parasite, converted and painted
  • 27 Termagaunts painted
  • 24 Hormagaunts
  • 21 Genestealers
  • Lictor, Broodlord, Zoanthrope
  • 1 Trygon Prime
  • 8 Spore Mines
  • 7 Ripper Swarms Converted and painted
  • 2 Myetic Spores Converted and painted
  • 7 Gargoyles painted
Tyranids TBC:
  • 3 Mycetic Spores to convert and paint
  • 4 Bone Sword and Lash Whip Warriors to convert and paint
  • 2 Hiveguard (1's actually a Zoat) to paint
  • 9 Ripper Swarms (I got very very bored of ripper swarms) to paint
  • 14 Gargoyles in finish painting
  • 1 Trygon to paint.
  • 1 Carnifex to complete the conversion to Tervigon (and paint).
Imperial Guard: This is definitely the most completed of all my armies. The addition of a Superheavy (Shadowsword multivariant) added some additional fun to taking these guys. Rather than listing the completed, I'll list the waiting:

3 Valhallan 'honour guard'
2 Catachans (No idea what to do with them?)
2 Rogue Trader Guardsmen (maybe convert these two into some more missile launchers?)
5 Attilan rough riders.

And that's it!

Am I nearly finished...?

Good grief no ... as can be attested with my 'superheavy' purchase. There's plenty of juice in the engines. Plenty of conversions to get under the belt ... and there's still space for the new models I'm thinking on... after all 'just one' piranha is a bit crap.

I'm loath to take up a new game system ... but two are grabbing my attention:

FIRESTORM ARMADA: Cheap to enter (circa £50) and easy to get running with.


MALIFAUX: which really really appeals... perhaps for my birthday?