Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Challenge Suneokun

The objective is to attempt to pull myself away from Fallout 3 long enough to complete the following before Christmas.

NB: This 'finish the Tyranids before Christmas' challenge was attempted two years ago and was an epic fail then as well .... many of the challenges today are leftovers from yesterday - so here's to trying!!

Completed Nids (painted and based):
  • Warrior Prime (thanks for the FAQ nerfing GW - he's now pointless!)
  • 4 Rending and Deathspitting Warriors
  • Zoanthrope
  • 2 Mycetic Spores
  • Trygon Prime
Baseless Nids (Nids in need of basing):
  • 24 Hormagaunts
  • 21 Genestealers
  • 30 Termagaunts
  • Broodlord
  • 8 Spore Mines
Unloved Nids (Nids in need of painting and basing):
  • 2 Hiveguard
  • Zoanthrope
  • 20 Gargoyles
  • 14 Ripper Swarms
  • 1 Trygon
Barely Nids (Nids in need of Coversion, painting and basing):
  • 5 Tyranid Warriors with Lash Whips and Boneswords
  • 1 Mycetic Spore
Da Kunnin' Plan (Tyranid Variant Unknown)...

Week 1 (29th November - 3rd December): Base the minions. Getting in on a high and trying to get the momentum going ... I intend to base all 79 mini's in a week. That's 15 a night... which is achievable!

Week 2 (6th December - 10th December): Paint the Gargoyles and the Rippers. This will be the biggest challenge. But don't bleed hearts as the Gargoyles are already half completed and the Rippers are a) half painted and b) very small.

Week 3 (13th December - 17th December): Trygon, Hiveguard and Zoanthrope. The numerous stuff is out the way. 4 big/detailed models stand between me and the final conversions

Week 4 (20th December - 24th December): 5 Warriors and a Spore. Conversion, Painting and Basing is the final part.

The final adjudication will be in the new year... with the prize, A DEFILER for the Chaos Boys!

Does Suneokun have a hope in hell ... encouragement, reverse psychology and mockery welcome...
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