Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Why Huron is pants and other Tyranid Questions...

Huron 'high cholesterol' Blackheart

Well I've been fielding Huron "the old" Blackheart for about half a dozen games so far and I'm mightily unimpressed. His most impressive feat so far is NOT getting punked by Lillith in a single turn, he did however fail to land a blow with his powerfist.

So am I playing him wrong ... well I don't think so. My application of 'warptime' could be more consistent (I keep forgetting it) ... but I don't see Huron as a 'stand back and support the troops' kinda guy ... he should be in there mashing face.

And that's where it falls apart. With only a 3+/5++ and T4 he's got "I love powerfists" all over him. The lack of Eternal Warrior on all the Chaos Special Characters really tells here. Additionally, although he's AT LEAST at bionical as Iron Hand Straken, he'd get punked in a fight hands down. Straken's got S7 powerweapon in initiative order ... that beat power weapon (albeit with a reroll to hit and wound) or powerfist at I1. Plus Straken's got a +1 to toughness ... where's Hurons?

At 170pts, he's seriously overpriced for his potential punch. Especially as he can be pick'd out and punk'd by the p'fist, yaknow?

Maybe I'm running him with the wrong crowd. The Deathguard were a tough bodyguard, but the I3 and blight grenade aren't really designed to 'encourage' the charge... the Chaosmarine squad he's with now is fine against guardsmen and gaunts, but desparingly squishy to anything with intent.

The problem is that beyond slapping him with Terminators, (and losing their deepstrike) ... there's really nothing in the codex offering the bulletproofing to Huron's (admittedly) lacklustre combat potential.

So my Huron will henceforth become "Chaos Lord with Mark of Slannesh and Lightning Claw", I'll get my reroll to wound every time, and save myself 50pts. I don't regret buying the model, but Huron, like most of the Chaos Special Characters, doesn't offer the cool 'tempering' options of the latest codici, moulding the codex about them in interesting shapes.

The lack of Eternal Warrior is the icing on the cake... enough said.

Tyranid Conundrums

In a vain attempt to distract myself from starting an Ork Army (and yes, I've already worked out that I can build 1500pts of Orks from existing models (and the 5 lootas I bought!) ... I'm turning back to my Tyranid Horde.

I really haven't given the nids the love they deserve. The new (now slightly tarnished) codex is great, although it broke a number of my old toys. That said, I'm giving it another go and importantly, I'm trying out new tactics (well slight variations on a 'take everything' theme)...

Tyranid Prime (Lash Whip and Bonesword, Adrenal Glands) 105
Parasite of Mortrex 160

Lictor 65
Zoanthrope x2 in Spore 160
Hive Guard x2 100

Tyranid Warrior Brood x 5, Lash Whips and Boneswords, Devourers and Mycetic Spore 265
Genestealers x 13 with Toxin Sacs 221
Genestealers x 13 with Toxin Sacs 221
Hormagaunts x 17 102
Termagaunts x 17 in Spore 125
Tervigon with Acid Blood, Catalyst, Adrenal Glands and Toxin Sacs 210

Tyranid Shrikes x 4, rending claws, deathspitters and toxin sacs 200
Gargoyle Brood x21with toxin sacs and adrenal glands 168

Trygon 200
Trygon 200

Points (2500)


Just wanted all the best toys didn't I? Its an 'in your face' option, with the Genestealers infiltrating to dominate the tactics of the game. They either, area deny (go to ground) or pounce depending on opportunities. The Shrikes and Gargoyles escort the Parasite and attempt to flank across the board... from experience, both units offer average anti-mech and good anti unit attacks.

The Spore based units, Zoans, Termagaunts and Lash Whips Warriors and Prime, are there to provide serious distraction while the hormagaunts charge across the board... the Trygons, Elites and Tervigon are there to fill space and pop tanks...

It's a MSU and mixed list ... what's the thinking?
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