Thursday, 13 January 2011

2011 - Stepping away from 40k

After the rush of completing my Tyranids, I'm now polishing off the Chaos Space Marines with a well earned Defiler and final Obliterator... I know I did say they were finished, but this is what my wife would term 'tidying up the corners' ... and pickers have bigger knickers.

Anyhow, with the Tyranids completely done I was feeling a significant amount of basing/modelling/painting burnout - generally in the 40k field. My next options are:

a) Build and paint the Defiler, Obliterator (underway) and finish the paintjob on the last rhino.
b) Base 200+ Guardsmen
c) Base 100+ Tau
d) start a 100+ model Ork Army

All of which is filling me with a surfit of YAWN at the moment. 40k burnout happens to us all, and I'm keen to keep the fires burning with more games and more challenges.

That said ... on Tuesday I was led to the darkside.

A Spanish company have invented a game called Infinity. It's a skirmish game, and the models are comparable to Malifaux for impact and beauty. Anton (of THE ANARCHY) did an intro game, and I'm hooked!

With 40k you have to suspend your disbelief totally ... that's why it always makes me smile when players use 'reality' example to support their (mostly heinous) rules sculpting. The idea that soldiers have to wander around in clumps and can walk out in the open and shoot willy nilly at the enemy without fear of being shot at is silly. I know why its that way, after all 40k ISN'T a skirmish game, its a full on slug-fest.

With Infinity, I'm suddenly getting shot down when I emerge from cover. I can react to getting shot at (by ducking, diving or returning fire)... I'm wielding an Armour Piercing Explosive 2 shot Autocannon which is killing everything it hits ... what's right with this picture...

So I'm diving into Infinity ... and it's easy! I need 20 sided dice (hmm warm D&D feeling), but the rules are online here, there's a very well built army builder software here

I've pumped for the Haqqislam army ... in this future, the different cultures (highly reminiscent of the 'Clash of Civilisations' theory of the early 90's) have buggered off into space and then come back to earth with different experiences.

The armies vary from very low tech, but plentiful and surprising deadly (Dog warriors and Autocannons all round for the Russian derivatives) to Entire Alien races looking like Halo, Gundam and other influences.

I've plumped for Haqqislam (which is space Islamist who are all high tech, environmentalist and balanced) ... as Anton has the Russian angle covered and Spence has a boatload of Chino/Japanese tech.

I've pulled together a 300pt list ... which I'll post up tomorrow. Very Exciting!

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