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WIP Armoured Defiler

Happy New Year and all that jazz!

As those who have being paying attention will be aware ... my recent efforts to complete the Tyranids were inspired by a simple bribe a defiler. Now before I get into the nitty gritty of the Defiler conversion, a little background on the Swords of Alpharius is required! Bare with it, it's worth it - as it should feed into your feedback...

Swords of Alpharius Fact #1: Realspace Renegades not Warped Monsters

Alike to the Alpha Legion, this sub legion has never 'lived' in the Warp/Eye of Terror/Maelstrom or other Chaos affiliated space. They are not really 'true' chaos-marines, as they're affiliation to the gods of Chaos is weak. Visually this means that I've gone to lengths to remove all 'spiky bits' from models, making them less and less 'chaosy' in an attempt to keep them true to form.

Additionally they are a renegade Chapter, so their equipment comes from many eras, stolen 'modern' jumppacks and meltaguns against Rogue Trader Era beaky conversions.


The Alpha Legion only attacked the Emperor and supported Horus because they had hidden knowledge of the destructive decay and monstrous disaster a "so-called" victory would result in, in effect the 20th Legion chose to put the Imperium out of its misery - something they continue to do. They do so as a means to defeat the Chaos gods - who are fed by the very humans they seek to corrupt. Collapsing the Imperium would irradicate all mankind and leave those civilisations immune to the Chaos powers (Tau and Orks) and those in control-ish of their relationship to Slannesh (Eldar and Delder) to face the great Devourer. Destroying mankind effectively destroys 90% of Chaos.

Swords of Alpharius Fact #2: Technosourcery, not sourcery

As previously explained and demonstrated through multiple models and conversions, the Swords of Alpharius do not use Deamons or Deamonic powers directly. In this aspect I was inspired by Graham McNeill's book "Mechanicum". In that, Mars isn't struck down by a human/Deamonic invasion - but rather by a Deamonic corruption of the code. A sort of Deamon-virus. One idea really inspired me ... but more on that LATER.

Therefore, the Sorceror is a Master of the Forge utilising his technosourcery to corrupt communication or commune direct with the powered armour of his opponents. I was drawn to Huron for the same reason - half robot. In addition, the 'Lesser Deamons' of my army are actually human opponents implanted with necronic crystals as useful test subjects and battlefield fodder.

The Obiliterators are drawn to the Omega, the technosorceror for this same reason.

Swords of Alpharius Fact #3: They are fluffy, not particularly good.

Reading through the '3++' breakdown of the CSM codex, its clear I've bought a few turkeys along the way. I don't have a Deamon Prince (although if I did have the model, I'd necrotise him and use him as either my Deamon Prince, or my Greater Deamon), Although I have Oblits, I've stuck to mainly standard CSM Marines and a few Plague Marines. I've taken Chosen, Raptors and I've taken bikes ... all overpriced - but that is the cost of fluff - sometimes it just has to be done.

I believe they are a suitable 'Alpha' build with lots of hard hitting MSU and delivery options via Icons. Tactically, you could probably take them apart with a small screwdriver and they lack anti-mech punch and anti-horde impact.

But they are my prettiest army and the fluff is great - so why change.

And finally the fecking WIP, honest...

So when chosing my 'present' for a job well done, I decided on a Defiler. Other people suggested a Vindicator for the aggression, but a bloody lump like that didn't fit the Alpha ethos... alternatively it was suggested that Land raider was a good choice, but I was always intending to Deepstrike my Terminators and the same anti-fluff rule applied.

If I was being 'nasty' about it then 3 more Obilts would have been perfect. Giving me 6 anti-tank options. I compromised, and got one more Obilt and a Defiler.

Clickify to Bigify

I was looking to firstly 'de-Chaos' the model, so the clipper came out and took off all the spikes. Additionally the 'chaosface' battlecannon guard when into the bits box and I fashion a more 'armoured one out of other parts. Next up, I collected the plethora of Chimera/Leman Russ track guards and went to work armouring the fella up.

The conversion was very easy. I next looked at the head, I liked none of the existing heads and was busy rummaging in the bits box and asking my wifes opinion when the answer presented itself, the 'skull' of the model was actually more 'mechanicum' and more true than a head piece.

So I left it. It was at this stage that the 'Mechanicum' assassin-robot came back to me, and newly inspired I started scouring the bitsbox for other things to make him look better.

I'm looking to extend the blades on the autocannons and with the addition of a 'sheaf' for the autocannon have a simple swap out of autocannon/Dreadnought CCW. After all additional weapons on this robot are pointless as you can only ever fire the Battlecannon alone as it is Ordnance.

So what do you think, does he fit the repaired/Damaged/Armoured up/De-Chaos'd/Renegade look, and what else do you think I should add to him? Fuel tanks/more armour?

I look forward to hearing...
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