Saturday, 10 January 2009

Taking on the Tau - a birthday surprise!

By Suneokun

The date is fixed for two Tau confrontations. The first will be against a Tau novice on Sunday with the army lists detailed below. Thanks to the wonderfully underhand conniving of my (much) better half and Dustin from, Sun-lover (see what I did there Geek!) bought me the new Tau codex and some XV25's! This then meant I could get a devilfish another crisis suit AND some pathfinders too - whoopee! So my birthday today is especially fun.

So Sunday I take on the novice Tau commander and then next thursday I take on Dustin's seasoned Tau with my Guard - which is fairly terrifying as I'm outgunned everywhere?!

I have however a cunning plan... which I will elaborate on later. Any ideas, thoughts etc would be most appreciated, I'd like my Guard to equite themselves well!

PS: With the strength (weakness) of the pound GfG's are getting increasing numbers of orders from abroad - so they are worth checking out. They are 25% off an standard, plus the additional exchange rate drop could mean an enormous 125% drop against the Euro or Dollar ... lucky barstools!