Sunday, 4 January 2009

Update on the new Tau force

By Suneokun

After quickly inputting the last information before Christmas I've done a recalculation on the Tau and there's good and bad news. The good news is that I've got 24 Tau fire warriors instead of 19, this is becuase I mistook the 'carbine' armed Tau firewarriors for pathfinders - doh! That leaves 4 pathfinders (no transport tank though so they're fairly useless!), the 3 Stealth-suits are great, as are the two crisis suits and the broadside battlesuit. The 'hero' is actually Commander Farsight (who actually seems to suck quite badly!), so I've twigged him into a 'standard' commander battlesuit. I've promised myself another crisis suit and 3 more XV25 stealthsuits (plus the new rule book) for the remainder of my Christmas present.

A pretty decent start to the army. Continuing on a theme, I'm gifting the army (in uniform colour etc) to my other half and she's chosen a colour scheme of Red, grey and silver - which looks pretty awesome. I've completed one stealthsuit and once i've finished the ethereal and a crisis suit I'll post some piccies.

I'd like some advice on the Tau, is it best to go mecha-Tau or Krootastic? Love some feedback. If you think it a little odd that my better half is in charge of the Tau - that's nothing.

Titular head of the tyranids horde is my mother in law!