Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Future Conflict - Place your bets on the Tau and Guard listings

By Suneokun

These Tau are painting up so well, their colour combination of Russet, Codex Grey and Silver looks brilliant. Sadly, we've misplaced the Sony charger for the digital camera, so photo's will have to wait (as well as all my Christmas shots!) ... that said, I'm lining up a battle to take the little critters on my the might of my Imperial Guard.

In honour of all the kinds words and healthy advice I've received I'll concocted a cunning plan (Blackadder!) ... one in which you, the viewing/blogging public can participate.

Below you will find for your viewing pleasure the complete army lists for both parties. Your mission, if you wish to accept it, is to comment, pull apart and importantly lay your bets on the likely winner from the engagement. The battle type is set to annililation with a Dawn of War setup. So let me know which army you think will conquer, what you think of the lists.

Kochi VI - Assault force - the concept is for an unconventional force of assault orientated guard, based around the central force of the infantry platoon and the conscript bullet shield. The tanks and rough riders will engage the tau elites while the troops make best approach to the tau. The Leman Russ will duke it out with Heavies and then join the fray.

HQ - Lieutenant with bolt pistol and chainsword, Guardsmen [3] w/ 2 x plasma, vet w/ medpack.

Elites - Orgyrns [6] flak armour/ripper guns in a Chimera w/ Multilaser, Heavy Flamer, Heavy Stubber and Smoke.

Troops - Infantry Platoon - Command Squad, Leiutenant with bolt pistol, Guardsmen [4] with 2 Grenade Launchers. Two Squads with Grenade Launchers.

Troops - Conscript Platoon [20] w/ 2 Flamers.

Fast Attack - Rough Riders [8] w/ Lances and lasguns.

Fast Attack - Hellhound w/ Heavy Stubber and Smoke.

Heavy Support - Leman Russ Battle Tank w/ 3 Heavy bolters, heavy stubber, smoke.

Total: 1001 points.

Tau Sept Koh'cha - Basically working with what I have, I've put together the following list. The concept is that the Broadside acts as a quasi tank with two shield drones at sv 2+/4+ inv. save. The Commander links up with one of the gun drone squads. The Twin linked fusion monat is a deep strike anti tank specialist, so hopefully between the monat and the broadside the imperial armour is finished. The fire warrior core are led from the front by the ethereal and his BS4 honour guard. The stealth team with gun drones play hide and seek.

Glossary: Targetting Array - TA: Multi-Tracker - MT: Plasma Rifle - PR: Flamer - F: Missile Pod - MP: Fusion Blaster - FB: Twin linked - TL: Hard-wired - HW: Squad Leader - SL.

HQ - Commander Shas'El w/ TA, HWMT, PR, MP and F
HQ - Ethereal w/ Fire Warrior Honour Guard [12]

Elite - Crisis Suit Monat w/ PR, FB, TA, HWMT, SL
Elite - Crisis Suit Monat w/TLFB, Shield Generator, Stim Inj, SL
Elite - Stealth Team [6] with squad leader, 5 burst cannons, Squad leader w/ TA, fusion blaster, team with 5 drone controllers and 6 gun drones

Troops - 2 x Fire Warrior Squads [6]

Fast Attack - Gun Drones [6]

Heavy Support - Broadside Battlesuit w/ TA, SL, 2 Shield Drones.

Total: 1004 points.

So there you go, place your bets ladies and gentlemen, place your bets.