Friday, 28 August 2009

Magneto the Carnifex and other painting photo's

By Suneokun

Here's 'Magneto' in all his glory, following the advice of other players, I magnetised the Carnifex (which was remarkably easy). He therefore now has lots of interchangeable weaponry of goodness. Here he is with his 'standard loadout', the awesome barbed strangler and scything talons...

Next up, I've completed a unit of 12 Kroot, backed up by two Kroot hounds and a Shaper. I decided these boys where niggled at me and hence their diabolical performance in the Apocalypse "Battle for the Pub" game. 15 Kroot (47 S4 attacks) versus ten Thousands Sons (10 attacks) and the Kroot where killed and ran off the board ... so hopefully their finished paintscheme will mean a more visual (it's important for Kroot to be bright to 'attract' enemy firepower) Kroot will serve me better...

I also finally got round to finishing the last two Tau WV15 Stealthsuits I originally got back in my (£125 for £25) Tau purchase in December 08! These three usually accompany my Fusion Blaster XV25 as an anti-tank version of my 5 man, 5 gun-drone team.

Last but not least, I've been continuing with the 'green-theme' and building some DeathGuard Chaos Marines. I'm a big fan of the models, and was blown away by Ants Forgeworld Deathguard terminators (literally, actually) when they arrived with Typhus in our latest APOC game. I'm putting together a squad for Gladiator (150pts per team) battles... here's the Sergeant: