Friday, 14 August 2009

Painting Update - In the Round...

By Suneokun.

Just a quick (ish) update to confirm the models now completed. I'm drawing near to completing all my Guard ... am 6 Kroot and a few XV15 suits off completing the Tau (so far) and am miles away from getting anywhere near finishing my Tyranids... here's the damage so far at 20 months of painting...

  • Cadian Style Al'rahem Conversion
  • Commissar Yarrick
  • 1 Company Commander (lead)
  • 2 standard platoon commander (Chainsword and bolt pistol)
  • 1 PF Platoon Commander (converted)
  • 12 Lead Stormtroopers (Grenadiers now?) painted.
  • 78 standard cadian guardsmen, including 6 sergeants, 5 plasma guns, 3 meltaguns, 3 Grenade Launchers and 3 Flamers, one medic and one standard all painted.
  • 18 Catachans, comprising 1 Vet Squad (led by Harker Conversion) and a series of bodyguard and platoon command models all painted
  • 20 Conscripts Painted
  • 17 Heavy WEapons teams (1 to go)
  • 6 Roughriders (painted) 4 to go.
  • 3 Ogyrns (painted) 3 to go.
  • 9 Ratlings (need repainting).
  • 3 Sentinels
  • 2 Leman Russ
  • 2 Chimeras
  • Ethereal
  • 2 Crisis Suits Commanders
  • 3 Crisis Suits (2 painted)
  • Broadside Battlesuit
  • 6 XV25 suits Painted
  • 1 XV15 suit painted (2 to go)
  • 25 Fire Warriors Painted (11 to go)
  • 9 Pathfinders Painted
  • 12 Drones painted (9 to go)
  • 1 Devilfish Painted (1 to go)
  • 2 Kroothounds (need painting)
  • 6 Kroot painted (6 to go)
  • 1 Shaper painted
  • Broodlord.
  • 15 Genestealers painted (7 to go).
  • 19 Termagaunts (16 to go).
  • 8 Hormagaunts (16 to go).
  • Lictor painted.
  • 3 Tyranid Warriors (6 to go).
  • 1 Flying Warrior (coverted), one converted, one yet to build.
  • 1 Converted Gargoyle (9 more conversions to go).
  • 2 Ripper Swarms painted, 1 built but unpainted, 5 more to build.
  • Carnifex painted.
  • 1 Deathguard (5 to go)
This leaves me with over 100 models to paint and convert at various stages ... good grief. That said in the last 18 months I've completed 296 models (ignoring size) in the last 20 months. This means I've been averaging 14.8 models completed a month. On that trend I should complete the current bunch in just over 6 months.

I've turned away from Tyranids for the moment - mainly because I haven't been fielding them much. In spite of the pile of models I bought in April and since (A tyranid battleforce, Tau battleforce, 2 Kroothounds and a Deathguard Squad - I've painted most of the Tau, the Tyranids are progressing (although I think it's the number to conversions and all that purple thats put me off!) and the Guard are entering the final stages.

Time to plan my next purchases...

Upcoming Purchases

As is obvious from the model selections above, I'm very keen on getting the men on the ground before I start forking out for the big tanks. This has the added advantage of only adding a few models to the to do list (12 in total) while offering me some really fun firepower. These are the upgrade plans for each army:

Imperial Guard: I'm going to avoid buying a shiny new Valkyrie for the moment and concentrate on purchasing more big guns and Chugs for my mobile infantry. While the Valk is a superb beast, its a little overpowered for my preferences. Instead I'm going to invest in the bargain basement Chimera - point for points the best APC in the game.

  • Leman Russ Demolisher - completing off my 2 Leman Russes with the interchangable weaponry of this superb kit.
  • Hellhound - I love hellhounds and the upgrade to fast makes this tank a must. Plus the new kit has interchangable weaponry like the Demolisher boxset.
  • Chimeras [2] - Chugs are what my mobile infantry is all about. Forget your flash harry Valks and Vendettas, my infantry wants to get there on mass and on time!
  • Basilisk - The nerfing of weapons teams has provided me with two key changes. Firstly, I'm going to convert my 6 heavy bolters into lascannons, since the 36" heavy bolter is FAR too vulnerable. Secondly I'm convinced that BIG GUN are the way to go, and as such am traversing the ordinance route.

Tau: With the manpower largely fulfilled (although I would like more Kroothounds) I've decided to buy tanks and Big guns. Strangely I don't like Hammerheads. I find them frustrating in that they are effectively a low powered battlecannon or a poorly aimed broadside... hence:
  • Skyray Missile Boats [2] - no I haven't gone mad. The idea behind purchasing skyrays rather than Hammerheads is two fold. Firstly skyrays are fast, able to move flatout -18" and effectively shoot (albeit via other peoples markerlights), two skyrays will give me two powerful anti tank and anti personnel tanks capable of harrassing the enemy. I envision my Skyrays zipping forward to engage the enemy flank at 24" range, supporting devilfish unloading troops and able to unleash up to 12 S8 shots in a turn at an opponents rear armour. When facing landraiders, I can convert the skyrays to devilfish - giving me a total of four devilfish, two with Smart Missile Systems.
  • Broadside Battlesuits [2] - The broadside is where the antitank firepower of the Tau excels. Three of these boys give definite deterrance and if accompanied by my 15 man Kroot pack, will give me a secure anti-tank unit of three broadsides in the backfield.
Tyranids: Apart from investing in a Flying Hive Tyrant from forge world, the Tyranids are more or less where I want them. The following purchases are to fill up the heavy support slots.
  • Zoanthrope [2]: Two Zoanthrope will offer me a cost effective, highly dangerous unit with the advantage of a Synapse creature with a 2+ save - not to be laughed at!
  • Carnifex: A last magnetised Carnifex finishes off the bunch.
So what do you think of both the progress so far and the purchases planned?

Let me know.