Friday, 21 August 2009

Three Tanks in a box sir ... suits you!

By Suneokun

Apologies for the lack of 'in progress' painting and modelling photo's, but my camera's in Cornwall (along with the whole family) for the week...

And while the cats away the mouse has blown the GW budget ... purchases complete, and the credit card is pleased (or is that the CC company?). Just to update, I've bitten the bullet and bought the core of my armies Heavy Support Sections.

To recap, I've purchased one Demolisher Kit, One Hellhound, a Basilisk and Two Chimeras for the Guard. The Tau have benefitted from two Broadsides and two SkyRay Missile Boats. Finally the Tyranids haven't been left out as I've also purchased two Zoanthropes and a second Carnifex.

That tidy lot amounted to £208, thanks to the fellas at GiftsForGeeks. Saving me just under £50 on GW retail prices...

Now, as you're probably aware, my second 'new' love after converting obscure models is magnetising big models. My Carnifex 'Magneto' has multiple option available! As such I was delighted to discover the following about building the SkyRay, Demolisher and Hellhound variants ...


Tau Example: By using the smart missile system secondary weapon on the SkyRay, I can build a SkyRay, GunHead, IonHead or even an SMS Devilfish. All these variants can be put together with magnets (or even just lowly bluetak!) allowing me to adapt my army lists nicely to massed Fish-of-Fury attacks. Fast flanking Skyrays or a couple of Gun Heads/Ionheads.

It simply amazes me that GW include all the bits for every Tau tank in one box - the SkyRay. Why buy anything else? This means I can operate an anti-aircraft unit for Apoc AND hammerheads AND IonCannons or more devilfish ... brilliant!

Imperial Guard Example: By simply leaving all the heavy weapons loose (they fit in snugly enough after painting), I can convert the Demolisher and the Hellhound into any combination or variant I'd like. A much preferable option!

This avoids the obvious problem of 'choosing' your variant from the options available. Allowing you freedom to tailor your force to the enemy.

My existing Russes are set up how I like them, one as an anti-tank gunship and the other an a anti-personnel option mazed out with Heavy Bolters.

Conclusion and Question?

Are there any other 'multi-tank' options out there, and if so, share them with us for a while... over to you.