Friday, 19 February 2010

Falling in love with a Super Heavy

Snaffled from GW's datasheet... The lush Doomhammer.

Up until this point, I've steared clear of deploying or buying a superheavy battle tank... despite having access to plenty of Imperial Guard, Tau and Nids ... I've avoided the additional expense of investing in a 'superheavy' for Apocalypse games.

After giving the Baneblade a couple of plays and also fielding a Shadowsword, I wan't actually that enamoured. Yes, Its a killer uber chunk of cheese, And yes its quite a nice model (when anyone can actually be bothered to paint it) ... But I don't love it.

The problem is that the really interesting Superheavies that grab my attention are either Titans ... or Heirophants. Any medium sized nid or Tau superflyer is eclipsed in 'value for money' terms by the new baneblades/Trygons/Vendettas. Nothing sucks so bad as spending a huge amount of time in deploying your beauty - only for it to be shot off the board in Turn 1 by a bunch of lascannon toting guardsmen (Sorry Anton ... but the Chaos Warhound was the obvious (beautiful) target!)

Then there's the 'baneblade' variants ... lots of exquisitely molded plastic boxes of boominess. But I'm not THAT interested... except, except...


Yes, one day (over the rainbow) I will have to buy myself one of the spindly monstrosities and then stomp round the field felling huge numbers of opponents with my lashwhips and stompiness. But at ten times the price of an 'equally fun and not nearly as breakable' Trygon ... ho hum.

Gorgon Troop Transport

Now this is more like it! An AV14 troop transport of epic proportions... although the new Apoc sheet randomly drops it 'assault transport rule', who cares. You can carry 50 guys in there. Ok they can't shoot out and the vehicles quite slow and you can only fire your one shot mortars once and its actually open topped and its just like a big ignorable, boring slab of open topped delivery truck. I LOVE IT! Would I buy one? Errr ... no.


For the first time ever, I've found my perfect transport/antitank option. It carries 25 men (somewhere), it has a 60" S10 Ordnance weapon which is AP1... It can mount 4 lascannons and (wait for it) either 5 heavy bolters or up to 4 heavy flamers ... not so convinced about this choice.

So I can load up 4 lascannons at 550pts. I can fire my AP1 antitank gun. I can also field up to 25 men in the back with ... MORE LASCANNONS!

At 450pts it offers you antipersonnel and antitank options by the bucket load. I'm in love with a Doomhammer.

Just one question. With superheavies, do the 25 men on board have to be 'one squad'? Or can I take 3 lascannon squads? I don't want to you understand ... it's just to consider the interesting consequences of firing 13 Lascannon plus a Meltacannon from a single superheavy.