Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Tau: In a nutshell

I discovered the following gem when perusing the 'cinders of war' blog:

"What they do well is bend the rules of the game with Jet Packs, Smart Missiles and Markerlights...essentially; they hide and sap their opponents until either the force in ineffectual to the mission or charging into a kill zone. Each time I've tested a tactic counter to this, it ends very badly. The key will be to minimize my army's footprint and cover its tracks. "

This is one of the most succinct synopsis of the strengths of a Tau playing style. It's one that I constantly struggle with (and subsequently constantly enjoy). For me, no other army has consistently pulled victory from the jaws of defeat than the Tau.

You may think you've got them wiped and its all over ... I have many times, only to discover that that turn 3 wipe-out was actually just the start of the next challenge.

This one quote has reinspired to play Tau again ... thank you C!nder.