Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Chaos Marine Fluff - "The Swords of Alpharius"

The first test model

Chapter Background

The Swords of Alpharius are a chapter seeded within the Eastern fringe. As an autonomous splinter of the greater Alpha Legion, this new chapter was born of the nefarious deeds of the Alpha Legion on Ghorstangrad. Over near to three centuries the Alpha Legion seeded subconsciously en scribed rites and indoctrination on the sects and gangs of Ghorstangrad. Such was the pervasive success of their infiltration that many of these gang members were wholly unknowing of their hidden corruption as they aspired to inception in the Emperor's Swords loyalist Chapter on Ghorstangard.

When the Alpha Legion struck, it was with complete skill and utter destruction. Utilising all their subconscious and indoctrinated triggers, they turned loyalist marines on each other. Ghorstangrad fell as the Swords of the Emperor were divided and conquered. The Emperor's Swords were destroyed, Ghorstangrad razed and the geneseed stolen.

...but with all aspects of the most secretive of Legions, the end of the Swords was not obvious.

The Swords Reborn

One hundred years later, reports came of a new Renegade Chapter sporting the colours of the Alpha Legion but separate heraldry. The Swords of Alpharius had been embedded deep within an enveloping nebula and had been biding their time. Infiltration specialists from the Alpha Legion had twisted and reworked the rigid regime of the Swords. They were now a guerilla force in every aspect as potent as their master chapter.

Infiltration into the Imperiums upper echelons had resulted in the wholesale capture of materials, slaves and even intergalactic starships to further their unknowable goals.

The Design of the Swords

Alpha Legion present a particular problem (albeit a nice one) as they are not obviously 'chaos'. Unlike the majority of the Chaos Marine armies the Legion are spread out in real space, not hidden in the warp. While they continue to pursue the goal of 'freeing' the Emperor, their real goal (if still held true) is the ultimate destruction of the Imperium and the subsequent destruction of the Chaos Gods.

As such the Legion are thought to be the least affected by Chaos. This leads to interesting ideas on design, conversion, paintjob and so on.

I particularly want the Swords of Alpharius to have a 'modern' meets 'Ancient' mix of styles. They are an embedded and infiltrating force, bleeding supplies and equipment from the Imperium to pursue their goals (which are bound to be BAD for the imperium, but not really 'chaos-y').

As such I'm dropping a bunch of RT Era Space Marines and modern space marines into the mix. I'll be using the Chaos Marine Codex, but the majority of the units will be made up of Chaos Marine, Terminators and other 'standard' troops.

I intend to have some Khrone Beserkers, some Plague Marines and a Sorceror ... but not as you might expect. The Alpha Legion are happy to utilise the skills of those warriors available, even if they are kept out of the way and under lock and key the rest of the time. Chaos Deamons are 'regrettably' out ... unless I can fudge a good reason! In the same way, I must echew the mighty Defiler (as much fun as it is) and use Dreadnoughts and Predators to achieve my goals!

Force Makeup

The Alpha - the leader (Huron Blackheart) - love the model and love his rules... the Alpha utilises his vast experience, deadly perception and grace to second guess every opponent (hence the reroll to hit and reroll to wound to warptime).

The Omega - the subvertor (TechMarine model) - I've had this model since I purchased the set to get some Servitors for my techpriest enginseer. The Techmarine model will play as a terminator armoured Chaos Sorceror with the lash power. He isn't a sorceror, but is instead the Master technologist of the Swords of Alpharius and perfectly capable of subverting command transmissions and the motor controls of bionics and power armour to achieve his goals.

The Chosen - All chaos marine models will be 'toned down' to reflect the mix of weaponry (old and new and bastardised) that they carry. Four meltaguns, an Icon and a powerfist makes these infiltrators or flankers good to go.

The Hammer - Terminators, terminators... I intend to purchase one box of Chaos and one box of marine and then mix and match 10 Terminator suits... advice is sought over their inter-opertation... the terminators will be armed with combi-weapons, a heavy flamer and autocannon and deepstrike into close range guided by Icons. It's a basic tactic, but effective. They will escort the Omega.

The Relic - Old School Dreadnought with plasma cannon and crab claw. Give him extra armour and a heavy flamer and let him play. The small size is great fun ... he'll get a cover save behind standard marines...!


3x Chaos Marines, icons and rhinos.
1x Plague Marines, melta's, icons and powerfist.
1 x Khrone Berserkers, icon, powerfist and escorting the Alpha.

Fast Attack

Raptors - converted chaosmarines with modern jumppacks intercepted through daring raids. I hate the raptor models anyway. Undecided whether to bother upgrading them with melta etc ... maybe JUST an ICON.

Heavy Support

Obliterators - Well they're for hire, aren't they?
Predator - Lascannons and Autocannons, oh my.
Havocs - 4 autocannons, cause I just like the idea.

Colour Scheme

The first test model is of the paint board and I'm pretty pleased with the results. The main body is painted in Dark Angel Green with Goblin green blended highlights, the shoulders are bright blue with Shadow Grey blended/ageing. The red highlight gives it a Triad colour scheme (thanks Sandwyrm!) - see HERE to see what I'm babbling about.