Monday, 10 May 2010

Pathfinder ... progress so far.

Back in January 2008 I reintroduced my brother to 40k after a 15 year hiatus. Like most birthday presents, it was actually for him (but really for me). Subsequently ... 2.5 years later and the flame is burning brighter than ever.

This is just a quick post (work is VERY HEAVY at the moment!), and I promise to write up the HOBO battle between Anton and myself later this week (after VERY HEAVY deadline, and a massage!)

So what have I achieved in 2.5 years?
  • Nearly 200 posts: yeah, that's right - the big 200 is looming large ... if only I can gabble on a bit longer! Some posts were even in English and original (a few were not).
  • Nearly 200 followers: so if you haven't joined yet - join up and make it 200 before 200 ... if that makes any sense.
  • 4500pts of Kochi Imperial Guard. The list goes on and on ... but I just bought Straken - doh! The guard are 'effectively' finished, painted and complete!
  • 3000pts of Tau. The J'Etsu Cadre are effectively finished ... ignoring 2 ink-washes and highlights and a bunch of re-paints.
  • 3000pts of Tyranids. The least complete of the bunch, but I'm in need of a powerarmour fix after all that chitin! 3 Mycetic spore conversions and 24 paint jobs stand between the great devourer and completion.
  • Your warm appreciation ... well sometimes. I'm particularly proud of the battle report responses I've had ... I'll be writing up some 'how to' posts shortly on how to create rotating animations and how to create batrep maps that work for the reader.
Next up:
  • 114 Orks. Drax has generously thrown another Ork on the pile ... giving me 115 models ... which just seems too too daunting at the moment.
  • Chaos Marines.... yeah!
My Chaos Marine list

After a fun tester game against Anton with his loverly Chaosmarines, I've been playing around with some ideas. After reading 'legion' I fell in love with the concept of this novel. As such I really wanted a Chaos Marines army that could play fast and loose ... here's the idea:

Huron Blackheart (renamed in a cunning way) ... I've loved the idea of Huron Blackheart. Any main character outside terminator armour but carting a heavy flamer into combat gets my vote. I purchased the model recently and its a beaut (although fiddly as hell to glue up!). Huron is strategically useful in providing a reroll to hit and wound on a multistrike power weapon or powerfist ... this effectively gives him a lightning claw OR powerfist attack ... nice!

Chosen (advanced guard) ... the chosen will infiltrate (or flank) and attempt to bring their four meltaguns to good use! Their real goal is ICON location for the following two squads.

Chaos Terminators [5] (DEEP STRIKING): I've wanted Terminators back in my lists since relinquishing space marines a while back. Yeah I know they are expensive, but their bark (and subsequent fear factor) is their biggest bite! These guys are aiming for the ICONS, coming down and spreading havoc. I intend to equip them with a chainfist on a champio (for anti-tank charging), plus power weapons/single claws for close combat. Fists seem pointless. They will also carry an ICON, a heavy flamer and 4 combi-meltas ... to hit armour at close range!

Chaos Dreadnought: Old School Plasma Cannon and Claw variant with a heavy flamer in the mix.

Troops: ChaosMarines [13]: Your basic 8 man squad (and maybe a 5 man too) with a special and a powerfist and an ICON - no faffing with heavy weapons, this is all about the bolter and the basic ICON! Rhino's, we need Rhinos.

Troops: Plague Marines [7]: In a Rhino or on foot ... these boys are a distraction your cannot ignore. Flamer/melta death bomb. BAckup ICON.

Troops: Khrone Beserkers [13]: Probably rolling in two squads of 8 and 5 (which'll make Khrone happy) ... rhino delivered choppiness led by some powerfisted mother with an ICON.

Fast Attack: Raptors [5]: Converted ChaosMarines with Space Marine jump packs ... these boys are just for giggles, deep striking nonsense and because they can potentially deliver an ICON anywhere!

Heavy Support: Havocs [5] Autocannons all round with provide these guys with some suitable DAKKA!

Heavy Support: Obliterators [2]

Heavy Support: Defiler (cos they are fun!)

And that's about it really... back to the grindstone. Let me know what you think out there. Is this the best way ... or I I drop the defiler for a predator with lascannons? Chaos Marines ... help!