Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Latest Army: Chaos Marines

Just when you thought Anton's models couldn't get any better ... he gets into conversions! Check out Anton's brilliant Oblit conversions HERE!

Thanks to the kindness of Friends and some very old purchases, I have a fledging Chaos Space Marine force nesting away... a good friend of mine (Dawn) furnished me with 10 Chaos Marines on my last birthday. I'd already bought 7 Plague Marines for Gladiator games. After this, a quick conversion of the 8 'beaky' rogue trader era marines, plus a very kind contribution from the very stalwart 'Admiral Drax' resulted in a total of 27 Chaosmarines ... woop!

I noticed at my local games club 'Giftsforgeeks' that there were some second hand, painted Oblits at 2/3rds the price of full oblits. I snapped up those two. These went into the pot alongside the Rogue trader era Chaos Dreadnought, tiny tiny bloodthirster and the 8 Beastmen (who would be playing lesser deamons) ...

Finally, after an evening watching games down in Devon ... I purchased Huron Blackheart. I've always had a soft spot for the old Power clawed heavy flamer deathster.

So by May, I find myself in the following conundrum:
  • Huron Blackheart
  • 7 Plague Marines
  • 27 Chaos Marines (including 2 powerfists)
  • 2 Obliterators
  • Chaos Dreadnought
  • 8 Lesser Deamons
  • 1 Greater Deamon
But what do I buy next? I'm steering clear of Chaos Terminators (although I love the models) as it doesn't fit in with the pirate/Alpha legion sect I'm building. But what should I buy (beyond the obvious Rhino) ... I've always wanted a Landraider?